South Germany

Leaving for holidays tomorrow, my wife + two kids (14 & 12) and I are going to visit South Germany for two weeks. München, then around, until we arrive in Heidelberg.

Do you have some advices, sites to see, things to do, experiments to live, taste or drink?


My first point of interest in München would be a nice beer hall.

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This is going to seem like a weird recommendation, and it certainly won’t work for everyone, but the most memorable thing I did when visiting München was to go to Dachau.


Go see a football match. Bundesliga tix are quite affordable as far as I know.

If you want a bit of history, go check out where Hitler started his beer hall putsch from: Bürgerbräukeller - Wikipedia

The beer hall is demolished now, but still. And there’s a culture center in its place now, so something to check out.

Did that too, not a funny day but an important one in my life.


I am from North Germany so I don´t have that many tipps but many people want to see the disney castle Neu Schwanenstein which is south of Munich almost at the border.

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in case you like experimental electronic music, i can let you know when there‘s a noise concert.
Munich is filled to the brim with it as of lately


Haus der Kunst was one of the first bigger building projects by the Nazis. Also Königsplatz has numerous Nazi party buildings that are pretty grand and interesting.

Oh I have one thing. When I was the Age of your Kids I was visiting a show with tesla coils in the deutsche museum in munich. it was pretty impressive and very cool for kids to see thunder and lightning for real and so close. as far as I know the show is still going in the museum.


i‘m deeply sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the high voltage show with the two deadpan grandpas is no more :frowning:

new curator at deutsches museum…

Find a nice Biergarten, enjoy a Helles or Weizen, eat some hearty meals.
What activities are you into? Hiking, action for the kids? Culture or chilling?

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what? just now? there goes my childhood… sad. THIS was cool

The Augustiner biergarten in the middle of Munich is very nice, and good food too.

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bundesliga has summer break

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Damn, of course. Any friendlies?

Munich itself is pretty nice.
Some very nice Beergardens (don’t how they are actually called in english), nice places on the river isar, the english garden etc… It’s nice and alive in summer.

I don’t know how mobile you are, but there are beautiful lakes not too far away from munich.
Ammer See, Starnberger See, Kochelsee, Walchensee, Tegernsee.
Some of them are easy reachable by train/public transport from munich

The beer is famous obviously, the typical bavarian food pretty meaty, heavy :slightly_smiling_face: But you find food from all cultures in munich


most likely :slightly_smiling_face:

Heidelberg is super nice too btw. Really beautiful. I visited it two times.
And I looked at the car route from munich to Heidelberg. You would pass by Augsburg, which is also very nice

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I had a nice day here (below) amongst many others around Munich (an ex who i caught up with yesterday as it happens as she was back in Edinburgh is from Munich, so i didn’t have to think too much about where to go)

I love the Bavarian flag and (despite Neu Schwanenstein) i think i had a soft spot for the ‘Mad’ King (despite being a Republican [not the bad kind]) and I also had an established taste for weihenstephaner weissbier, so it was nice to see the brewery. Quite enjoyed dropping by the BMW museum and Olympic Park and enjoyed other traditional parks around the city. Getting out into southern Bavaria was spectacular, can’t recall which route we would have taken on the Kampenwand. Had a day trip to Salzburg which felt stuck in time and charming for it. The catholic iconography is ever present in the south, quite fascinating (although i’m with Dawkins) - really quaint tiny chapels all around the place. Nice place and i just about remember a fantastic evening for Silvester - i prefer the colder months there(everywhere tbh), but it’s idyllic in summer. Probably still hot right now, apparently it was 37degC last week. There’s a lot that can be done in a fortnight, i think i enjoyed being a tourist more when beyond the city but it’s a bonny city for sure.


We’ll be camping in a little truck for a week around München, so we’ll visit the lakes, Neuschweinstein and Dachau for sure ^^
After that, we’ll travel by train, Regensburg, Nürnberg, Rothenburg then Heidelberg, that’s more or less the plan :slight_smile:

I think the only night I can go to a concert would be on Monday in München, experimental music would totally get my interest :slight_smile:
I got to check this.

Thank you everyone, keep throwing your idea :kissing_heart: