Source Audio Collider Delay + Reverb

12 delay and reverb algos from the Nemesis Delay and Ventris Reverb in one pedal:
Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, True Spring Reverb, Plate Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, E-Dome Reverb and Swell Reverb
Digital Delay, Analog Delay, Tape Delay, Reverse Delay, Oil Can Delay

Stereo input/output, midi in/thru, midi cc and syncs to midi clock, usb port, 8 presets available on the device, 128 with midi program changes, neuro app etc.


Dayuhm that’s nice.

Can you EQ the fx signal with these pedals?

Edit: seems simple HF dampening. Didn’t look too far into the editor though.


Will you be able to load other Ventris or Nemesis presets for reverb and delay engines not included in the front panel? I thiiiink you should be able to, but it doesn’t say it anywhere.

Sounds like something they would do, via the Neuro app.

My initial guess would be no as that preset would be for an algorithm not accessible.

Haven’t read anything regarding loading Ventris or Nemesis presets or algos, though I just found out that the engine lets you use dual reverb or delay engines.
That’s quite cool!

It is also possible to “unlock” both the REVERB and DELAY engines, by both a hardware shortcut (hold the CONTROL INPUT button while adjusting the Effect Engine Selector knob), and via the UNLOCK button on the Neuro Desktop Editor. “Unlocking” the Effect Selector gives you the option of simultaneously running two delay engines or two reverb engines, as opposed to being limited to one delay and one reverb. To unlock, press down the CONTROL INPUT button and turn the Effect Selector, this allows you to continue turning through effect engines and assign Reverb engines to the Delay footswitch and Delay engines to the Reverb footswitch. The natural series order of effects in the Collider is delay before reverb, but the Unlock function also allows you to switch this order.


Yeah, I read that too, really nice feature! Trying to assess whether to trade in my ventris for one of these

Any users know if this is possible?

Just sold 27 out of 31 pedals. Hoping this’ll make me sell the Timeline and Bigsky too.

Pretty cool! This might be my very first synth pedal!

Why on Earth it’s 440 euro in EU and $349 in US…

VAT. People also forget that US tax is NOT included in the listed price.

Just discovered and read up on this pedal. What a beast!!!
I already use the nemesis and ventris (twice) on my guitar rig, and they are awesome. but this is crazy for a small footprint fx send on the OT :slight_smile:
And all paramaters are midi cc controllable, so I am imagining using the DT to set main parameters for each song, and use the reload pattern feature after tweaking the fx :slight_smile:
Damn I want this

I realize this is an old thread but Roger Smith (owner of SA) is active over on Talk Bass and I asked him this question and he said they’re wanting to keep it fairly simple for those that have complained about the Nemesis and Ventris being too deep.

I was bummed about that at first because I love my Nemesis and many of the engines found on it but after a week with the Collider, it sounds fantastic with synths. No regrets here.

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