Sounds per track


Hello everyone! just new to this world. I’m loving the A4 so so much.
ok…so I’ve figured out how to have multiple sounds per track assigned to each trig. now is possible to have more than one sound per trig? like as in have both a snare and kick on trig 5 for a 4 on the floor beat?



No, you can’t do that I’m afraid, each track is just one voice.


There is a workaround that works in many cases (but not always).

If the trig before or the trig after is not used you can plock another sound on it and use microtiming to move it almost into the same time location (+ or - 1/384).

But you’ll need to modify the polyphony settings for the track, too, so it can borrow a voice from another track (otherwise the second sound will cancel the first one).


cool thnx!


Yep, that’s how I was doing open/closed hat.
But I couldn’t work out how to do retrigs. So I got the AR. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, if only the arpeggiator was p-lockable.

I still hold out hope!


I’d find something else to provide your drums. I never really enjoyed the A4 drums but hey… some people might. I couldn’t think of a good usecase. Good luck though