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A Polymath Jam, sequencing a Paraphonic chord and using the Polymath Arp and Generator to change the sound

Another just make it up job, i mixed it with the Qu32 so i just had to bounce an Mp3 and job done insta video! Got a real fast workflow for these now and do them at will :smile:

Really love the Polymath has such such a unique sound and so easy to play with and make it sound good :slight_smile:


Did a “proper song”, still have to make a video but am really pleased with how it turned out, it actually gave me goose bumps listening to it so maybe thats a good sign!

It’s called Short Wave Radio, well beacause theres some short wave in it :slight_smile:

Played the bass by hand, Leipzig K
Arps Polmaths
Percussion Nyborg 24 and Telemark


This is fantastic.


Ta Scot, after we discussed earlier in the thread trying to do a “complete” song I thought I’d have to give it a go. I wanted to try and keep it minimal and get across the rawness of the synths so this is what I came up with.

Started it at 4am this morning (like a nutter up early!) and finished it about an hour ago. Which was 11am UK time. :sleeping:


Made some changes, hit inspiration when thinking of video ideas, so reworked the vocal part to make the song about the Hindenburg disaster as I thought it went well with the dark feel of the song :+1:

Currently making a change and uploading a new version as I forgot to shorten the video at the end!!!




Heres the video for Short Wave Radio, before I changed the vocal overlay to make it into the Hindenburg song.


Used the Fusebox for this one along with the Polymaths for this one.

The Fusebox is clocked from a Generator using a gate pattern set from it’s Patternator and Transposed from the Interval Generator. I used wide tuning to detune VCO 2.


A kind of mellow vibe to this one, Sunday Practice :slight_smile:

I used the Generators fliiped gate feature to trigger the fusebox on gtes that where not used by the Polymathn Bass.


So having done a bit of dark Polymath recently I went for a more good feeling type song with nice bright Polymath sounds. Really love the sound of these synths :smile:

This one came together really fast as in I’d virtually just turned them on tweaked a bit and hit the sound in the video almost right away. So I selected some chords designed to create nice harmonics and then just jammed it out. Recorded a stereo out from the Qu32 mixer direct into logic and bounced the Mp3. Insta vid.


This one took a little bit longer as I wanted to get good separation on the sounds, so i spent a bit of time beforehand sorting out the eq on the mixer so everything would come across nice and clear as it’s my final output for hassle free tunes.

Used the Polymaths paired up with Generators and then just made some stuff up. I don’t bother rehearsing anything just make sure the notes complement each other on the generators then take it from there.

I must have got into it as it lasted for nearly 10 mins :smile: Didn’t feel that long at the time.

I’ve fired it all up anyway as if someone does not have time to watch it then they can press stop. I don’t bother watching the length of the videos anymore to make them more bite size friendly. I just figure they are what they are and do my thing and try to make sure there’s plenty going on.

The funny thing is when I watch them back during the editing process I seem to be doing a load of tweaking and look busy during the vids and it really doesn’t feel like that when I’m doing them. I kind of just get into a flow and chill into it and generally it all works out.

Makes it easy to do a video as the initial part is just coming up with sounds that work together, then pick the bass notes and lastly the lead notes and gate pattern for the harmonics and after that just tweak and make it up as I go.

Bit of a ramble but i’m thinking out loud :smile:

Here’s the video:


So after my big speech about tune length some one asked if I’d mind doing a short version of this tune for them.

So here it is, I call it the Commercial Sell Out/ Radio Edit :smile:

Changed the name of the long version to The Self Indulgent Mix :smile:


I got up way to early this morning (3am :anguished:), so I made a tune :slight_smile:

This one is pretty in your face analogue. I added some reverb to the bass but apart from than that and one other effect at the end it’s pretty much raw.

Bass is the Leipzig Sk, I used the lfo on it to modulate the sound and synced the lfo by adjusting it in Logic using a BPM Metre as a guide then played it in live.

No midi any more just live play and analogue sequencing so although it’s a bit trickier it’s more satisfying to do.

The sequenced part is the Polymath, sequenced by a Generator, I kept this sound nice and raw and simple.

Pad sound is the Leipzig sk again played in live

Kick Nyborg 24, Hats Telemark, Snare Telemark

I took the tempo from the Generator so its roughly 124 bpm

I wanted to do a song this time as opposed to live tweaking demo type stuff so this is what I came up with:


I’m really enjoying the darker (almost gothic) mood of this one. It’s quite foreboding.


Yeah it does have a Dark feel to it, I’d come up with the Bass sound yesterday while playing about with the Leipzig Sk and thought it would lend itself to a moody song. So put it to use this morning whilst trying not to wake the neighbours :smile:


Love this track very much … has much atmosphere. This and a subtle pad in the background, if I am allowed to say this, would be perfect for any movie theme of an afterworld or dark sci-fi story :+1:


You’re allowed to say what-ever you want :smile:

The Leipzig led me down the moody path this time, that and the Polymaths together could be used to do soundtracks for horror, sci-fo etc as the can come up with the type of sound so easily. :slight_smile:


Last year I had the finger on the trigger to buy the Polymath. I obviously didn’t. But instead got the Fusebox, because I wanted to try Tom Carpenters new creation and didn’t want to go full in with the larger synth and I would have appreciated to have the Polymath with two filters instead of one.

It might be your fault, if one day I pull that trigger, because your Analogue Solution setup sounds gorgeous, full of warmth, power, and character.


You will need to be quick as there’s only 1 left!!!

Polymaths is a fantastic synth, a for-ever synth, I love it!!! :smile: Do it!!!



Some Temptation, Some Polymath :smile: