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A Generator sequencer workflow video

I used a software piano for tuning reference, I normally do it by ear but thought it would be useful in the video

In this video I prepare a sequence form scratch, tweak the sound, record it to Logic using Smart Tempo, increase the Bpm and then add some strings and hey presto a song…


It’s cool to see your workflow in action - and it was a nice surprise to see which bit of music it was shaping into. Once you stated transposing, I thought “is that what I think it is?” and then the full version kicked in - and an excellent version it is, too!


Thanks Scot, I did the sequence pretty quickly as people tend to get bored watching :smile: so powered through to get to the final product :+1:


Great video from the Shed … be the Force with you and the replicants no hazard :wink:


Ta Soundrider

Redid the video, shorter new improved version with live transposing

Wanted to adjust the bass sound from the original video and shorten it as people quickly lose interest.
So I tuned by ear at high speed :slight_smile:


What made the pad/lead sound?


Lazy Pad/ leads, retro synth from logic, I made a few sound tweaks to it and changed about the ADSR and delay and reverb to make it fit, I feel dirty using it lol, but the video was more about making a speedy sequence so i didn’t get too hung up on using real synths for the leads and pads. I suppose I could have used the polymaths paraphonic function :slight_smile:


You may want to add an analogue polyphonic synth to your setup. Would not be from Tom Carpenter, but who knows … or did he already create one?


It was something he mentioned working on in a few videos I watched, nothing solid yet though.

It is something I’m missing, I have owned a DSi rev 2 and OB6 in the past. I need/want something with knob per function operation, no menu diving and a really raw edge, not sure it exists yet :smile:

And as an edit Patch points also :slight_smile:


Now that’s a requirement, modular polyphonic synth … I am happy with one knob per function and no menu diving … :wink: .

It’s sad that Tom Oberheim never got his Sun of 4-Voice project finished. I got a Two Voice and I love it’s patch points. To have this twice … dreaming … SEM are great for pads … maybe I should get an OB-6.


Ob6 is nice but not nasty :grinning:


Yep, definitely more on the sweet side of the sound spectrum.

But would a nasty gritty sound, if layered with 5 to 8 voices even stay nasty?

I guess, it would be like having a singer with a very specific timbre. If we listen to her/him in solo, we perceive each shade of the voice. But having 3 and more at the same time will develop in what I would describe as a choir-effect. There will be a new tone, which is mellowed by the number of voices in use … and a nasty synth sound might sweet up in a similar manner, if played polyphonically.


Yeah that could happen, I’ll be patient and someday, someone, somewhere might come up with a nasty patchpoint poly :slight_smile:


Is the “analog distortion” FX not nasty enough?
I can barely turn that past 20, for just 1 voice.


I think that nasty was not meant to be “distortion” - and it was about polyphony. From my experience I can tell that too many voices going into distortion at the same time tend to sound horrible rather than raw and nasty.

Generally speaking, the SEM is a beautiful sounding voice and it’s IMO quite the contrary of nasty by it’s Oberheim DNA. Even a patch like a filter-audio-FM sound is round and musical. I do those patches on my SEMs. I guess it’s the same on SEM-inspired modules and the OB-6.

Even the sync on the SEMs is mild and musical, and totally different to the sync of the ARP Odyssey, which can become very angry very easily.


Oh, like, fully sick. I get ya.
On the OB-6 (or anything) I rarely use more than two voices in unison, unless it’s being panned wide, then I’ll use all 6, for stuff like the brass sections in Holst’s Mars.


All this talk of the OB6 has made me have sellers remorse again.

Watched this today, my first OB song and it made me feel sad for selling it!

I might get a Desktop one in the future :smile:

Thats your fault Soundrider for making me think of Polysynths, I might just connect up the 3 Telemarks and try and stave off the GAS


Love this tune … makes me want to fire up one of my synths too and play along …

Speaking about polyphony … it’s less about having the opportunity to hit more than one key at a time and play chords, it’s much more about the sounds.

As an example in the words of a jazz-piano teacher, who I watched the other day.

She was talking about students, improvising, and musical expression. She complained about other teachers, who gave lessons on too much theory, but not the feelings of music. Often students learn the theory, she said, and play even complex scales all day long, even virtuoso, and think this may be a way to achieve “real improvisation”, but are frustrated, because it doesn’t really work. As an example she said, she often asks a student what is an Am7 or a Bb9aug etc. and always she gets the correct answer of the single notes to be played … BUT she never got the answer … this is a chord or a progression generating this or that particular “feeling”.

IMO polyphony generates sounds and hereby feelings, which we can’t achieve with a single “solo-instrument”. It takes a couple of voices, which are set at a particular distance, detuned, different in timing, like the string section in a classical orchestra. I prefer a polyphonic instrument to achieve this rather to use a couple of solo-instruments, which are combined in the propper way. I think, I am just too lazy to get them all playing as I want :wink:


@DavyP you are on sonicstate … :+1:


Hah Ha, who’s Hairynostrils lol, plus they quoted me and I never spoke to them?

Must be the text from the video

Form an orderly queue for the Autographs please, I’ll sign breasts with the Permenant marker first thanks :smile: