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Started out in this one with a simple Fusebox sound then introduced a couple of Polymaths and various percussion synths to build the sound up and mix it on the Qu32

Sounds nice!


Yes. Yes it does.


I gotta say, your stuff always reminds me why I got into synths all those decades ago.


Ta Scot, was pleased with how that one turned out, all the synths came together and complemented each other nicely :slight_smile: Missed my dinner doing that one so going to grab it now, 11 at night here so it will lie in my stomach all night :smile:


So it turns out the late dinner was a bad idea! Sure 3 hours sleep is enough for anyone :sleeping: :rofl:


2 Polymaths

Percussion Telemark and Nyborg

I used delay and reverb on the Polymaths plus some phaser for the interference/noise.

The first Polymath did the pulsating bass, which I played up an octave in parts, the second did the creepy stuff :slight_smile: And i applied a few sound tweaks as the sequence progressed and transposed it with the Generator sequencer.

A Polymath Halloween Horror


I’m Lovin the sound of these vids @DavyP. great stuff.
you’re really makin me want a Fuzebox.
i used to have a telemark a good few years ago. AS just has a sound that tickles my ears.

what’s the build quality like on the Fuzebox? I found the telemark, though nicely made, sorta felt like a small amount of components in a big tin can :smile:
it used to make a big metallic twang every time I removed a cable.

anyways, great tunes :+1:


Hah ha I picked my Telemarks up and shook them after reading that, no noise :smile:

Fusebox is nice and weighty and a really solid build. I’ve got a load of use out of mine. Thinking of adding another at some point. It’s really good to use on its own with the patternator and arp. Lots of ways just using the Fusebox on it’s own for a fun jam with some nice modulation options that are hardwired, plus some the various patching options.


channeling John C, there, great stuff!


I will be listening to this all year…


Ta Grim :+1:


Thanks Scot for the nice positive comment :slight_smile:


Someone had asked me if this was available for download so I’ve put it on Soundcloud just now and enabled the download permission :slight_smile:


I made this one while working today, in between doing “work stuff” I was running a loop and tweaking every now and again, then grabbed the camera and recorded it. Sort of playing music while trying to get through a pile of boring work :smile:

Polymath likes to sound angry!

Still have a load of work to do :disappointed_relieved:


No Sequencing this time, all parts played live by my own fair hand :slight_smile:

All sounds Fusebox Bar Percussion.


Some up tempo Polymath

Sequenced from a Generator and Transposed live on a Telemark Keys

Percussion is modulated by the Oberkorns to give it a speedy groove :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s so raw and gritty. You are a master of the sequencer!


Polymath was taking no prisoners in that one, it’s pretty wild when it wants to be :slight_smile: Got into the groove there and just kept going lol


I’m glad you did!


Ta Scot. The Polymaths fun to use as even on it’s own with the various modulation you can cover a load of different frequencies and it seems like theres so much going on sound wise you don’t need anything to accompany it :slight_smile: It’s a beast!!!