Sounds from the Shed -Video Collection - The home of Marvellous Analogue Musical Goodness : )


The Polymaths good at nasty, that it was it clearing out it’s lungs after doing a few nicey nicey arps :smile:


Just got a delivery - New Toys!!!

I was sitting down and managing to get some real work done but now I’m distracted and going to have to play instead:

Got hold of a Leipzig Sk and a Europa sequencer:

No clue where to put them as I’ve run out of desk space

Time for some 80’s style sequencing :smile:


A real issue, indeed. Have fun :smiley:

Trouble of every collector, I would say :wink:


A vist to Ikea is in order for a new desk, then get my son to assemble it as I hate building furniture :smile: (Though the last desk he built is not very steady!)


What about a system of custom made shelves to get all the synths without keys in the next dimension … ?


still waiting… (checks watch) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ha ha just uploaded this


Dang, dude, you’re a machine!

(and that sounds freakin’ awesome)


I sort of have a workflow, I just turn everything on, hit record on the camera and mixer and then make some stuff up and tweak as I go!! I’m quite familiar with the synths so usually most sound tweaks sound like they are meant :smile:

Saying that the Leipzig is new to me and has a few different features but when i discovered that trick with the vco modulation from the sequencer I thought I could make something from that so hit record :slight_smile:


I’m always glad when you do!


Ta Scot, I appreciate the nice feedback and you taking the time to listen :+1:


Getting squeezed in! Mission Control :smile:


That Leipzig is sexy bro


I was lucky to track one down as they are not made anymore, it does look sexy :slight_smile: and sounds great. I wanted an extra set of keys so its perfect and the sequencer is brilliant as a modulation source also. I feel at home with it already as I’m used to the AS workflow so was able to hit the ground running :slight_smile:

I think I’m pretty set synth wise. In the future (ie next year after I pay the tax man in January) I plan to add some snazzy new monitors. Going to invest a few quid into them and get them setup properly along with a full sound treatment. Just need to find someone local who does that sort of thing :slight_smile:

Figured the setup I have now would justify a professional monitor setup and it’s something I’ve always put off as I’d been too busy accumulating synths. Take it up another notch :slight_smile:

After that I might look into doing an EP or Album . More for my own personal satisfaction and sense of achievement as I very much doubt I’ll get enough in sales to buy even a packet of crisps :smile: But thats not the point anyway, it’s about the fun :smile:

Really content with my setup and love using it and feel i’m getting so much out of it as it is so flexible and put together in such a way that nothing is redundant or a pointless luxury. I’m at the point where i feel really comfortable using it and almost like I know what I’m doing :smile:


Thats something I have to look at. We have a guy who does work on our house everynow and again so next time we are getting something done i’ll talk it over with him and then let him work his magic :slight_smile:


Think a lot of this has to do with one-knob-per-function studio, you can literally look around and see the sound and understand which device is responsible for each sound.


Definitely, it gives such an immediacy, and as you say a visual snapshot of what you are doing, I couldn’t go back to menu diving now.


There are a few instruments whose depth can realistically only be accessed via a menu/control matrix otherwise they would/do cost a lot more money and are/would be unwieldy/large.

If you have the space and budget (and total recall is not important), then hardware knob-per-function is difficult to surpass and even harder to leave once attained…


See I suffer from this now, could never go back to menus :slight_smile:


Came across this recently and thought it looked nice so have added it to my santa list

It’s mainly designed for use with Plugins in mind but thats not how I intend to use it :slight_smile: