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Ta sox. Been a ton of fun to use :smile:


The Bulldogs were restless last night and kept me awake so I got up at silly am once again and played about with the synths.

Ended up with a nice Fusebox Arp so recorded it and tweaked it live, accompanied by some Polymath Bass and Telemark and Nyborg percussion.

Guest appearances from Miss Piggy and Dick Emery :smile:

I used a bit of Tape delay from logic and Chroma reverb. Used a bpm metre to work out roughly the Generators clock speed for timing/syncing the delay, no midi :slight_smile:


Put together a short version of the Arp Tweak video as not everyone has the time(or willpower :smile:) for long videos.


Added a new weapon to the armoury, spent the evening learning it, very deep so plenty to discover :slight_smile: I plan to set up scenes with this to make the jams a bit more dynamic soundwise. (Once i get my head round it :smile: )


Had a late night and then an early start. Got everything connected up now and synced. I’ve a load of work to do today but somehow don’t think that will happen as my shed is also my home office and there are too many distractions and I have no willpower :smile:

Played about with the mixer and learnt the effects routing etc. I’ve set up channels for the synths I use for percussion and eq’d the Snare, kick and Hats so they sound nice and saved the settings to a scene so they are automatically recalled. Just have to learn how to set up mutes etc at the touch of a button then will have a go at a live jam. Quite a bit to remember so it may not be too smooth at first :slight_smile:

I spent last night taking old Depeche Mode videos from youtube and running them through the mixer to enhance the sound as a means of practice and learning, made a big difference to them. Really powerful mixer so thanks to all those on the Qu Pac thread who helped to brainwash me into getting one as it really is a fantastic mixer and will hopefully elevate the quality of my output.


Been playing about with the mixer tonight and trying to work out how to Patch the Fx etc. Got it all arse about face in this attempt plus also have a rogue frequency in there. i suspect it may be form my Telemark snare which sometimes gets a bit noisey. Other than that the percussion sounds good but still gotta suss it out better :smile:

Bass is the Polymath
Kick Drum - Nyborg
Hats - Telemark
Snare (and possibly the high frequency rogue) Telemark

Recorded direct by the Qu32, the percussion was eq’d by the Qu32 and delay used, though I don’t really know how the FX routing works properly yet :smile: Might have to read the manual.


Here’s the first go at a live jam. Found out the high frequency was the Telemark hats, only discovered this after recording though so you will here it in places in this jam.

Recorded the stereo outs of the qu32 straight to logic and then bounced it out as an mp3. i’ve to order a fast usb drive then I will use the qu drive for recording.

Still unfamiliar with the mixer but I gave it a go anyway as I’m not precious about these things (in fact i don’t care lol, I’ll try anything and if it works, good if not, no big deal :smile: )

Polymath does all the synth work, i use some delay and reverb from the mixer then tweaked it.

Nyborg and Telemark percussion.

I’m reasonably happy with it so far but will certainly improve as I learn more and get rid of the Gremlins and build a workflow.


Nice mixer. Your recent jams remind me of the album colourform by Higher Intelligence Agency.


I’ll give that a listen later :), when I do the jams I always have no idea what will come out, I usually just pick a synth to work with, create a chord progression and then just tweak knobs and add filter modulation.

Mixers handy as I can fade in and out effects and when I understand it better pre program scenes and mutes. Plus do a direct recording so all I have to do at the end is bounce out an MP3, no hassle is always good :slight_smile:

Next plan is to upgrade my monitors, going to invest a bit in this, so will hold off til next year and try and gather up the funds.


I was trying out the mixer again, and the audio from this is the stereo out, not individual stems/channels with no post processing. Sounds pretty good and so saves me hassle of having to mix afterwards. Makes the workflow quicker :slight_smile:

Percussion turned out pretty good, just used a bit of eq and compression where needed, so really impressed overall and think it’s been a great addition to the shed :slight_smile:


A Saturday Fusebox Jam, mixed and recorded live :slight_smile:

No post processing just a stereo out recording :slight_smile:


You should avoid housework more often if it means more sequencer jams like this…


What chores?

Mine’s a pint, ta.


Crisps or Peanuts with it? :smile:


Ta Scot, the avoidance was a success as everywhere is nice and clean now and I didn’t lift a finger :smile:


More Dag vids with modular action please. Special request


I’ll do a modular one next :slight_smile:


This one starts off with just the wet output from the Polymath Reverb then builds up into a wall of sound :slight_smile:

All mixed live on the qu32 :slight_smile:

Used 2 cameras this time, took longer to get it all in sync than it did to do the song :smile:

Mixers proved very useful and has sped up the workflow a load. I can bang out short demos with relative ease and get a good sound quality right away.


This is pretty raw and up tempo.

It’s the result of too many sweets I think. My wife needs to hide the stash for the Halloween kids better :smile:


That was nasty in a Berlin way