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I should have put in Jaws! :smile:


Definitely sounds menacing. gritty vibes from this turtle.

Seriously though the ominous thing fits the ocean quite well. Deep sea is scary shit. You should make another one using those ugly deep sea creatures


But what if they eat the poor little turtle :open_mouth:


That first sound there is a sound id like to make!


Thats the settings for it, sem style filter, sub patched, triggered by envelope 1
Filter Modulation comes from the 2nd and 3rd gate row on the Sequencer, top row is the pitch changes, (gates 5,7 and 11) Used a slow tempo.

Its automatically transposed by the first four control knobs on the voltage generator touch pad.
And I used the Polymaths Spring Reverb.

Something similar should be doable on a synth with a 12db filter

Hah ha just seen my toes and Moses sandals are in the Sequencer pic :smile:


Haha! Wow thanks, ill see if I have something to cook up an approximation!


You need to set a low velocity for the note to get the low rumble, I was playing about with the synths just there now, triggered the note at a high velocity and think I woke the neighbours, didn’t check the volume first and near blew my eyebrows off :smile:


Haha, sunday morning synthesizer bugle! They come knocking - there you are in the door, no eyebrows!


I turned the setup on for this one, played a few notes into the Fusebox Arp then played about with the sound, modulation and pitch. So it’s made up :slight_smile:


Used the Fusebox for this one as I haven’t done many videos with it on it’s own.

I started out with a pulse wave on VCO1 - added additional pulse to it then brought in VCO 2 with pulse wave, then added an additional pulse wave and turned off sync and used wide tuning for more bass. I then introduced VCO 3 slightly detuned plus the sub to get Beefy angry bass.

Changed the Fusebox from its upright position to it’s desktop position when I moved the studio setup about to make it more accesible for tweaking on the fly :slight_smile:


I think there’s enough beef on this forum today :joy:


Sounds like I missed something, which is probably just as well as I always put my foot in it and end up with a holiday away from the site :smile:


Kick and Toms: Nyborg 24
Snares and Hats : Telemark
Bass: Polymath
Additional Synths sounds: Polymath and Fusebox

Sequenced by Generators and Oberkorns

The shed after reorganising:



Back from a short but enjoyable holiday :slight_smile:

Got hold of 2 Polymaths so have been busy banging out tunes.

This one is sequenced by the Generator, bass transposed live, strings played live and layered up.

Polymath is a monster :slight_smile:


Some “Assault On Preceinct 13” vibes going on here! Very cool.


Only two? :stuck_out_tongue:


Courtesy of all the gear I sold off. :smile: Sold anything that wasn’t nailed down!

No regrets though, i can honestly say they are the best Synths I’ve ever owned/heard. Really special and I feel lucky and grateful to have them. :+1:


A ghost in the machine…

With a bit of B movie style acting thrown in for good measure and enhanced by an unexpected pile on by my 5 Bulldogs :smile:


Thanks Scot. Kind words bearing in mind the excellent work you always do :grinning:


great setup man and lovely sounds keep up the good work :slight_smile: