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In view of the fact I have a tendency to create loads of tunes, I thought it would be best to avoid clutter and potential annoyance to keep them under one topic - So in future I’ll post here so as you know where to go or where to avoid, what-ever applies :rofl:

It’s my goal to create all Analogue songs free of the Daw and play live or sequence where needed.

I’ve got a bit of an Analogue Solutions gear obsession as it has the kind of sound i love being a Depeche Mode/ Vince Clarke fan, so ideal :slight_smile:

I’m pretty well set up now with:


4 Oberkorns,
2 Generators
1 Mega City

And Synthwise I have

2 x Polymaths
2 X Telemark Desktop
1 x Telemark Keys
1 x Treadstone Desktop
1 x Treadstone Eurorack module
1 x Fusebox
2 x Nyborg 24

Haven’t been using Elektron Stuff recently so if that’s your main thing then sadly I can’t cater to that at the moment :slight_smile:

latest vid 12/11

Gear Porn: The shed in all it’s glory :slight_smile:

So to start it off here’s a few recents:

I use the Fusebox in this one and create and build up a Tune from scratch using the Patternator and Arp, it’s a long video with a load of tweaking and a Ferris Bueller Cameo :smile:

A generator sequencer demo with 2 Polymaths using the Generators flipped gate feature.

In this one I use the Generator and a Treadstone and trigger the Treadstones Internal sequencer with the Generator then jam away.

Some nasty Polymath bass, sequenced by the Generator then loads of sound tweaks, another long video :slight_smile:

This one is first go at using the Zoom 16 and creating a tune with no Daw

Some live minimal Fusebox play…

That should be enough to start with to keep anyone interested going.

Fusebox Improv
Making Beef
Paraphonic Bass - 2 Polymaths one in Paraphonic mode = Growly Bass :)
Polymath and Fusebox - Hitting record and seeing what happens
Treadstone Modular - Building up a Sequence
A pint of Arp and a packet of crisps please
Changed things about - so employed the full armoury to carry out a sync test
The Gael 2x Analogue Solutions Polymaths
Two Polymaths and a Turtle:
The Haunted Polymath and a mysterious disappearance!
Going where no Frequency has gone before

24th Dec Update

A snippit of something unfinished but worth a view for the Welsh Accents and dancing :slight_smile:

A video for today:

In this video I use the Generator Sequencer to modulate the the filter and increase the velocity and intensity of the sequence using the keypads. It’s a pretty cool feature to add tension to the sequence.

I made use of the loop points to vary the length of the sequence and increase the modulation.

Weapons of choice:

Bass Synth: Polymath

Kick Drum: Telemark

Hats: Telemark


2 x Oberkorns
1x Generatror

Only effect used is the Polymaths built in Spring Reverb

Hope this helps keeps things tidy in the forum and I’ll make a point of giving more info about the synths used and what I’m doing along with a few pics and hopefully it will be of interest to someone:)


This one came about when I was just sitting playing about with the Polymath and ended up with some freaky atmospheric sound.

There was a spooky wind sound and then the Polymath started to talk to me, so I got an idea for a video.

I think I have an overactive imagination as I could be doing something then think up something totally random like wouldn’t it be cool to throw in some flying rainbow coloured unicorns into the video?

So I went for a horror theme for this one and threw in a bit of acting at the end :loopy:

The sequence came from the Generator with a bit of transposing done live from the Generator keypad.
I then modulated the sequence with 2 CV sources, adjusted the tempo in parts, and tweaked the filters to make the spooky voice more prominent.

For recording I recorded direct to the Zoom 16 and also took audio from my phone and layered them together. This gave extra atmosphere. If you listen carefully the phone picked up my dogs snoring and then me trying not to laugh at the end as all 5 of them(over 150 kg combined!!!) piled on top of me during the acting part :smile:

Weapons of choice:

1 x Polymath
1 x Generator Sequencer
Recorded to Zoom 16 + by Iphone mic


The aftermath of Polymath … :eye::ghost::worried:


Ha ha Polymath is fun, going to play about with it shortly after walking the dogs and see what it comes up with next. More often than not I have no clue what sort of song I’m going to create I just play about with different sounds and sequences and stuff happens. It must be the Polymaths magic fairy dust working. :upside_down_face:


In this one I gradually build up the sound then trigger the Treadstones arp and then transpose it with the Generator. Really is a tiny synth with a big sound :slight_smile:

I’ve only just started building up a modular setup again so fired in a Treadstone as i like something that will give me musical results not fart noises :smile:


It’s always a pleasure to hear you at play…


The bass in this is from the Polymath sequenced, modulated and Transposed by a Generator.

lead Fusebox, sequenced and transposed by a generator, modulation comes from the fusebox patternator.

I placed the camera wrong in this, the variation in the Fusebox patterns come from adjustments made to the loop point which I do off camera, though you can see the change in the gate on the sequencer, and I also made changes to the bass on the Polymath by live playing the Sequencer before letting it auto transpose again.

I just hit record and then played about. Finding this a fun way to make music as it feels sort of natural and less prepared and often can sound good (often not :smile: ) . Used a bit of reverb on the Fusebox, I tend to avoid use of effects but thought it worked in this song.


That’s a beautiful setup you have there!


Thanks Patch. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have it. Nothing goes unused as it all links up and is inter patchable. :wink:


I put this bassline together using one of the Polymaths in Paraphonic mode, sequencing a paraphonic chords.

They are sequenced and modulated by generators and I made some tweaks to the sound as the sequence played.

Love the sound of these synths and can’t stop using them :blush:


sounds good and thanks for sharing.


Thanks for that aethyr. They are addictive to use and so easy to get great sound out of. :wink:


Bust out the Fusebox and Generator for this one and played about with the Arp and tweaked the sound.

Just another make it up as you go along again as these are fun to do and kind of random:

Fusebox is triggered by the Generator, modulated by the Patternator and then various sound tweaks made.

I’ve a Qu32 mixer winging it’s way some time this week and plan to use it to add an extra bit of fairy dust to the videos though not sure where it will fit in as it’s HUGE!!!


Listening to this is a good distraction from the trauma that is my Lionel Blair haircut…


Pictures please :smile:



Found this as a point of reference for those that don’t know Lionel Blair :smile:


Paired up the Generator Sequencer with the Polymath for this one. Used the Generators performance Features, and tweaked the Polymath into crazy sounds and frequencies. Awesome Synth!!!

Percussion from 2 Telemarks and 2 Nyborg 24s

All played live and recorded one take.

Probably needs headphones or monitors to get the full effect :slight_smile:

I plan to get a Digitakt soon and I’ll try and show how well the Generator sequencer plays along with the Digitak. I was at Synthfest and the Digitak was doing the syncing and percussion for 2 Generators, 2 Fuseboxes and 2 Treadstones along with some flashing leds and it was really cool :slight_smile:


Could have been getting up at 4am did this but, I’ve made a bit of a relaxing/sleepy vibe this time.

With a little sea turtle for company during the song.

Used the Polymaths with lot’s of modulation from the Generator sequencers.

Percussion is Snare and Hats - Telemark, Kicks -2 Nyborg 24’s all sequenced by Oberkorns


More menacing than relaxing to my ears, but that’s fine by me, I like menacing music. And turtles. Even the menacing ones. Especially the menacing ones.