Soundpool basics (help!)


Did anyone ever do a video on this topic? I’m confused about it too.

When I try & import a sound, it just seems to overwrite an existing random sample & I end up with nothing like what the sound sounded like when I previewed it.
Also, how do I know what sound is on what track? With a sample I can see the name when I press the SRC button but there doesn’t seem to be the same thing for sounds- unless I’m missing something?


When you import a sound form the banks it brings the related sample with it and replaces the one in the track slot you are using, a sound from the sound pool applied to individual steps does not.
Is there a particular reason why you need to know the sound name?, if you need to use it somewhere else copy and pasting the track is easy enough.


Apologies if this was answered but to the original question, here’s a simple breakdown. Hope that helps.

Step 1: Edit your sound (pre-made or from scratch)
Step 2: FUNC + IMP/EXP
Step 3: Select: Export Sound
Step 4: Select Save Location (Starts you off at C:001 since the previous 256 come with. Level Data knob to scroll up)
Step 5: Name your SOUND
Step 6: Select which categories it applies to. (Easier to find via category search later)
Step 7: Hit ‘Save’ (first option on that category list)

Step 8: Back on your project, FUNC+SOUND BROWSER will access all of the sounds. Yours included. Tab left on that screen for filters.

Manage Sounds
Select Sounds
Tab Right > Copy To:
Sound Pool


This is perfect, thanks.


every time I read people talking about the Sound Pool I get worried I still don’t understand it, when I thought I did.

just to check:

Sounds are basically just a set of P-locks, you still need to have the sample loaded to a sample slot (1-128) right?

it’s just giving you quick access to an altered sample you can drop in whereever you like?


Aha! I was super confused why the Factory sounds in the pool had different names than the samples from the sample manager. :bulb:Wow, okay, now I get it. Thank you!


Yep, fast access to prepared samples, sound pool is the same but with the ability to add to an occupied sample track rather than replace.
You dont need to have a sample loaded though, inporting a sound from the bank will add the sample to the ram in the last available slot.


Thanks, thats much clearer… Quicker and easier than plocking a different sample and doing all the plocks… For a second something elsewhere made it sound like it was a way to get 128 extra samples in, but I knew that couldn’t be right really!


Soooo, on to another (perhaps dumb) question, becuase I’m really getting dizzy from all the reading :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry in advance… I’ve only had the DT + DN a few weeks so far. Until now my workflow has not included the Sound Pool or Sounds at all; what I do is Quick Assign samples, and edit them from scratch every time. A workflow I’m enjoying, because this is the way I use to work with Cubase and VSTs… So here’s my questions:
1- Is the Sound Pool reserved only for sounds, and not samples?
2- If it isn’t, is it possible to copy all Quick Assigned samples into the Sound Pool?
3- If the Pool handles both sounds and samples, is there any major advantage to using Sounds, other than the saved parameter settings?

Thanks :slight_smile:


A “sound” is a sample plus all edit page parameters… Sounds are stored in 3 independent places:

-Kit(Pattern): each pattern’s kit is a collection of 8 sounds
-Plus Drive: sounds can be saved from the pattern’s kit to the plus drive or loaded from the plus drive to the kit of a pattern
-Sound Pool: sounds can be loaded to the “sound pool” for the sole purpose of being able to use “sound locks” which enable playing any of the sound pools sounds on any step of any track…

So, your using sounds even if you don’t know it, as a pattern’s kit holds 8 sounds. You save to the plus drive if you like the sound and want to be able to load it to other pattern’s kits. The sound pool is only used for “sound locking”, you can play any sound pool sound on any step of any track, without affecting the default sound of that track or using parameter locks…


Thanks Open_Mike. Ok. So do I have to manually save my Sounds before I can put them in the Pool and do sound locks?






:face_with_monocle: :crazy_face:


how to multiple add sample via export to… so i can later copy the selection to sound pool


Wow, the soundpool is an awesome feature!

At first I didn’t think much of it, but you can use the same sound on any step in any channel, and still tweak their p-locks. Because change-all doesn’t effect them, I thought they were locked, but you can edit their trigs.

This makes some really interesting layering, because you can play the same sound from the sound pool on multiple tracks on the same step. Then you just change the tuning of one of the steps, and you get a nice flange effect. You could even use the LFO on pitch to get a true flange… Hmmmm… I wonder what 4 tracks would sound like… :slight_smile: