Sound Pool Automation?

When using different sounds in the sound pool on a track, is it always the case that whatever is programmed within the sound overrides any live automation you do?

I mean, say I have 3 synth bass sounds that are quite similar as sound pool locks on a track and I want to adjust the filter throughout, is there no way to stop the filter from jumping back to the settings in the original sounds drawn from the sound pool?

Not in front of my DN now, but I’m fairly certain you can change sound locks with p-locking just like any other sound?

P-lock and sound lock override what you are doing live. If the bass sounds are similar as you say, maybe try to use just one of them as the track sound and p-lock the other parameters to get similar results as the sound lock method but leave the filter cutoff unlocked so you can perform that live?


Can you not unlock say, the filter of a sound-locked step so it will respond to ctrl-all?

That’s an excellent idea, will give this a go :star_struck:

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