Sound Pack Summer Sale - 50% off


Purchase of soundpacks

Sunshine’s overrated anyway.
Grab yourself a summer full of Sound Packs. 50% off all packs until July 7.

Sound Pack fun here.


Woohoo! California Drums: Studio City, come to papa!


Ancient Waves is included this time, yey :tada:

I didn’t notice Paypal payment option before, nice to see that there !

Thanks @Elektron !


@Elektron Why have the Canadian Prices original prices doubled for this sale.

Packs used to be $20 - which was already a lot more than US pricing.

Now we have a 50% sale and you increase the packs to $40, and the sale brings them back to $20 plus HST

This is ridiculous.


the filtering for Octatracks excludes a bunch of compatible-withs like thump and smack


I knew I was a fanboy for a reason.

Elektron: The Gear for Vampires


And us “Daywalkers” who get tired cause they are getting older LMAO


for complete transparency with community - this is being fixed ASAP -

|### Elektron User Care via|10:37 AM (23 minutes ago)||

to me


Hi Daniel,

I’m sorry about that. I have notified the appropriate party, and they are now working on fixing this mistake.

Hopefully, it will be fixed within the hour.




Hey! Good job bringing it up! Enjoy your future sound packs!


let’s see what those final sale prices look like, cause I no longer know value for money on the internet with currencies :wink:


Can anyone recommend the best Digitakt sample packs for general purpose / widely applicable drum hits? I have a slew of 808, 909, etc. samples, but I’m in the market to supplement with a sample pack or two.


Foundation sounds good from the demos I’ve heard

2323 looks to be a good staple.

Most of the Elektron packs have demos you can download and try out- see what works

Personally, as long as I have 606 samples on the thing I’m generally all set


Looks like I gotta stock up on analog keys packs.


Cool, one week after I bought several packs. :man_facepalming:


Don’t worry that happened to me with softube console 1 when I paid full price for the SSL 9000k expansion and it went on promotion price for 100 less .


I had already picked up 2 Digitone soundpacks, so for only $25, I now have all the rest.

Thanks, Elektron.

Goodbye, sleep.


Thanks for reporting this.

Please try again. Due to technical issues, we cannot fully support Sound Pack sales in Canada at the moment. US Dollar pricing is applied for now.


Checkout doesn’t work for me. I get “The email address provided is not valid, please try again.” even though I have a valid account, I’m logged in, I own other sound packs under the same account.

My email has a “-” (single dash) in it, so maybe that’s the issue. I tried to file a support ticket with Elektron but now they require a street address and phone number before you can contact them and the same error (I think) prevents me from filling in my contact info. Oh, the irony!

Anyway, this is just a heads up for my friends at Elektron since the support feature is broken. Hope you can fix the bug(s) and you’re not missing out on too many sales.


Not a bad deal I bought all the analog keys packs and all the synthesis analog rytm packs for less than 55US