Sound in maschine


As far as I know there is no way to avoid digitizing your music at some point if you want others to hear it as even vinyl pressing requires a digital master these days.

If you just sample a short burst of an analog oscillator and use that in a sample player, the results will sound more static than the original synth, and when it is pitched to play different notes by the sampler you will lose the character of the synth; It is better to sample a few bars of the music being played by the analog synth.


I largely advert for Driven Drum Machine from Tonebuilder here… I have it all… For me GoldBaby and Tonebuilder are top notch of the Drum Sample makers… and processing are very nice.

But at some point you want everything from you in the track. I know it can sound stupid especially from me because I came up from Sampler ERA like a lot of you here… But, I do feel the century of the Sample as an Art will be not that easy from now… for a lot of reasons. it will be more complicated to use Sample… I feel like it’s not the jungle anymore.

I realize more that when I have a loop I fall in love with. Something truly amazing for me and it’s comes from Sharooz but the loop he’s done was something resonate me it was something minimal. I put some drums on it and damn it was so groovy. I reach him to get it as separated materials but it was too old and he can’t find it. I try to recreate it, separate frequencies, use all sort of modern tools to get something more useful for the construction. And failed to come up with something as good as the Loop in itself.

i was so pissed :stuck_out_tongue: I promise to not use Sample collection anymore. only eventually instruments parts (maybe to pay at some point someone to rebuild the part with its instruments) and obviously I’m not against one-shots.



When I say better I don’t mean objectively better, I just mean many people perceive it to be nicer or warmer. Another thing to take into account is that many people aren’t using high end record players, so cheap warped/scratched vinyl, plus mechanical and electrical noise all add different types of distortion which some people perceive to be pleasureable. Vinyl can of course sound high quality given the right conditions though, and I imagine cds would be more accurate


Sampling as you intend is an art and also difficult as far as I’m concerned, and that’s why I give an octatrack to me soon :star_struck:


Hey, @Stickhit
I don’t want to go too deep into the analog/digital debate, and I have no need for other people to share my beliefs about it, and also no need change others opinions…

That being said, something to point out is that recording/capturing an analog instrument digitally to reproduce it exactly is an entirely different thing than recreating/emulating the actual creation of said sound in the digital domain…

In my humble opinion, I feel that digital recording of sounds created with analog circuitry does an amazingly good job of recreating the sound, but personally I have not heard digital emulations of analog circuitry that sound as good to my ears, again this is just my personal opinion…
One more thing about analog is the subtle nuances/movement/harmonics and other differences that happen with the electricity creating and shaping the sound, a note is slightly different every time you play it. No matter how much they try to emulate this it does not feel the same to me, I find a deeper connection to what I perceive as a “live” source of a sound in the analog realm…

I don’t need anyone to believe me or debate this, this is simply how I feel and I thought those points might be something to consider for Stickhit whether in the end his opinion aligns with mine or not…


Personally I would love to see some new digital synthesis methods be created that have nothing to do with emulating analog circuits. Digital is another realm, I feel like new crazy things could happen if programmers abandoned the thoughts of basing the synthesis on hardware and instead cracked things open to what else is possible…
Maybe there’s some new stuff out there, there must be people working at it least, I don’t know, I don’t keep up with a lot of things… :slight_smile:



As it’s only a matter of Taste, Satisfaction and getting things done…
There’s so many ways now and accessible to very small budget. I do think it’s open up the whole thing for everyone with some ideas which is nice. People need to be patient too getting some tracks done, getting some gigs, event… more money and if it’s really the wish, spend more in more luxury equipment, instruments … (or not…)

We, as musicians of all sort, must not debate on those things.
I know we all have expectations and many by principle are or want to be craftsmen of audio… I can’t be agree more on that. But any guitarist start with absolutely not the guitar of his dream.

I think it’s a good way to see all of that.
Everyone’s Music can get better with time… it’s a good thing to feel the evolution :wink:


I don’t know if they are really new methods but there’s a lot going on that’s not analog modeling.
The hardware monosynth market is extremely focused on analog. And there are many plugins modeling vintage gear.
But there is also a lot of interesting stuff with additive synthesis, physical modeling or granular synthesis. A lot of interesting stuff in ios, and regarding hardware, eurorack! there is a lot going on with digital synthesis methods. and a lot of innovative sample based plugins are out there like alchemy, iris or form.


iris is spectral… I love spectral :slight_smile:

Love that one :

Love physical (especially Chromaphone 2)

Love Granular (too much links on Granular…)

Additive and FM synthesis are a bit more complex to understand.


The current hybrids are the best hardware design imo.
Combing the power of digital oscillators with analog filters, vca’s etc works really well.
The real magic of analog comes from within the analog filters, combine this with the infinite possibilities of digital oscillators can’t be beaten.


one of the main reasons eurorack is so popular


Yep exactly how my euro system is setup.
Not a single analog oscillator in sight :smile:


Hands down best drums. Driven!




I also have no great desire to debate analogue versus digital. As far as I am concerned if somebody likes a certain sound source they have absolutely no requirement to justify why.

I agree that sampling an analogue synth is not the same as modelling an analogue synth. I merely used sampling to illustrate that if you use terms like warm, organic and musical to describe an analog sound then there has to be occasions when you can use the same terms to describe a digitally generated sound.