[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


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Really nice sounds, William wild! Haven’t gotten through all of them but I can already tell there’s more useful material here for me than many other soundpacks I’ve downloaded.


Special Thanks @Zwolf it’s very kind !
Yes… Music genre and pleased the maximum people is not a easy task.

I hope the Booklet will gives useful hints ! And it’s only a “101” - i plan more advanced stuff for 2018… I think to focus on LOWEND short sounds (Bass, Stabs, Chords, Plucks) with a focus on shaping with precision + put a step in some more advanced modulations (movment series) was a good way to make Tutorials and Starter Template for everyone who want to understand fundamentals and for the more advanced people to rediscover the basics…

I try to focus on the Past, Present relatively from Electronic Music but not only. But not going too FAR because as a 101 it must stay easy and accessible. (anyway it’s often the simple things the best)

I really take a lot of pleasure in this 128 presets (few are just one step after the Starter Template to illustrate how to use it, and I will speak about that in the Booklet.)

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Packages will be updated with Separated Sounds, The Descriptive PDF with the settings… all links will be updated as well. I will post a warning when it’s done so you can re-download the whole updated package if you want.

in the meantime this PDF is the Settings table of the Sound Bank :
LOWEND 101 Patch List - A4.pdf (24.8 KB)

Each Time i write UN = Unison and POLY = Polyphonic in Reset mode and the number of suggested voices. UN-2 = Unison Trk1 and Trk2 checked. / POLY3 = Reset mode and Trk1, Trk2, Trk3 checked.

Don’t forget to lowered your master level or track level before to hit the keys :wink:

Note :
Sounds 123 and 124 are a Layering Sound Design it’s there to illustrate Layering in the Booklet, with this technique + a 2 fingers CHORD approach you might achieve some very interesting sounds at the cost of the 4 voices.
You must load 123 on Trk1, 124 on Trk2… Settings is a bit different it’s Unison 2 voices but with Use TRK Sounds option checked.


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and finished that on last day in 2017 :slight_smile:


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Folks, this is a lot of patches. I like quite a few of them. There’s definitely room for your own development on these in the modulation area for example. @William_WiLD has obviously spent a lot of time and dedication on the sound pack. I hope if you use it, you will share my sentiment that it’s worth more than a warm “thank you” to William and I ask you kindly to consider buying him a drink or two, if you can spare it at all. I know there’s ways to express your gratitude and I’m sure @William_WiLD won’t resist if you ask him how you can do so.



New packages are updated

it’s now include every Sounds as separate file, the full sysex Sound Bank, the Sounds list and the Instructions document in PDF format. All links are updated ! so you can re-download it if you want :wink:

LowEnd 101 (MkI version)

Download link :

Alternative link :

LowEnd 101 (MkII version)

Download link :

Alternative link :