[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


Thanks Conformance friend :wink: Merci mon ami !

A très vite passe un bon réveillon !!! :champagne::cocktail:


The PDF will be uploaded tomorrow if you don’t know how to upload a Sound Bank in your A4 check this little video (thanks to the owner)


Would love to try these patches but, as usual, I can’t download anything from the files section. :sleepy:


Wait a bit @Stickhit
I will provide alternative link :wink: Just few minutes to set this online


Very kind of you sir.


You should find it under the Elektronauts file section link as Alternative links :wink:


I have it, thank you very much.


Big Thanks Wiliam Wild.Wish you the best for 2018 :confetti_ball::fireworks:


Thanks a lot @locaa i wish you a good 2018 too all the best and all important people to you :sunny:


Haven’t got time to dl today but just wanted to chime in and express my gratitude for the work you’ve been doing, William - fantastic work and you’re an essential contributor to this fine forum we all live in! :champagne:


Thanks @dobermate
All the best for 2018 for you and family & friends


Thanks @William_WiLD :ok_hand:


U welcome @seanskay have nice festive moment tonight :champagne:


Thanks for your work Will !! Blessings :slight_smile:


Thanks for this William! Its very generous of you to put so much time and work into this :smiley:

Happy New Year! Now I will be spending it noodling with the A4 :nerd_face:


Great! Thanks @William_WiLD. Just one thing - check the Alternative Download Links, I think they are switched places - the mk1 is under mk2 and the other way round…


@Icoustik, @djenzyme : thanks guys ! Happy new year

@Palu : thanks to let me know it’s fixed ! Happy new year

All the best for you guys and your family and friends :clinking_glasses::champagne:


Wow! Absolutely fantastic work William! Looking forward to play with these Jamuary 2018!! Bless!


Awesome. Thanks for his mate.


Hello William_WILD,

Thanks for your hard work, thanks for sharing it. Thanks for your long posts that brings knowledge and temperance.
You brought the main stuff of my last 2017 night. I will pass the night to discover and study your pack.
Ho guy, bravo, c’est top moumoute ; )