[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


Sneak Peek 29 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : DISTTOM


Sneak Peek 30 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : ZAP FX


Highly appreciated!
Can´t wait.

Thanks so much!


Sneak Peek 31 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : EXTREMLO


in my early analysis stage, where i analyze some sound banks from different sound-designer… I have a lot of laugh : LIKE A LOT. it appears that a LOT of Sound-Designer put some watermark in their sound-design. I let you few seconds to think :slight_smile:

What how is it possible ? you kidding right … ?

No. I don’t think so in fact the Patch is crippled with some parameter activated who don’t affect the sound at all… so if you copy the sound with all this injected errors there’s chance you are copycat :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha… ok i can guess it should be mistakes … but encountered so many (like A LOT hahaha) I’m wondering if it’s not a sound-designer technique on its OWN :joy:

So don’t worry it will not be the case in this LOWEND101 because for learning purpose I guess it can do more harm than good :muscle:


Sneak Peek 32 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : YLOOPZ


Sneak Peek 33 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : SAI


Sneak Peek 34 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : Dj SHIVA


I’m looking forward to picking this one apart.


Thanks Hans :wink:


Thanks for sharing, @William_WiLD. The A4MK2 has renewed my interest in sound design recently and I hope to learn a lot from your efforts. With regards to your organ patch - I’m almost tempted to sample from soundcloud :smiley:


i will try to do my best for giving hints, thought, advises in the booklet… as well as explaining how to use the template for a more efficient kickstart in the sound design. If people are happy, find that useful and share the love… or just say it’s useful :slight_smile: I will consider to extend this work. I have a lot of idea and I think it’s kind of nice to focus on specific frequencies because somehow there’s not so much way to shape it, there’s a couple of those… but by forcing people to concentrate on this LOW END I guess they will learn one and for all this specific area. I hope you all find variations and take pleasure by recreating those start point and be free to explore then…

I think I will put one essential rule framed in red, save your different iterations !!! , experimentation can RUIN a patche in an instant and not have saved before iterations make you so upset and then you switch off the machine. I think we can avoid a bad night very simply. SAVE SOUND-01osc, SOUND-01filt, SOUND-01env, SOUND-01mod

or like Cuckoo method copy-paste on T2, T3, T4 … temporarily


Hahaha it’s cool :slight_smile: There’s a couple of things to approach organ and piano, it’s not that easy because of sine wave lack of gain when filtering, the loose of the shaping with Filt2 when using the Self Resonating Filter… it’s in use so… only for generate a sine wave so…
And because of Envelope also as Simon Cann explain it very well in his book “How to make Noise” …

But still there’s room to get close to an organ or a Piano processed (the strictly natural one is hard to get) but the processed… may be achieve… (Broken Organ, Broken Piano are interesting as well… I don’t focused on that but it sound like a cool series to make too)

NB : also have an understanding to how a piano or a organ is played can really help to shape it at the sound synthesis stage


Coming Tomorrow ! Sunday the 31 at 17:17 PM (Paris UTC+1)

:cocktail::champagne: Just before New year Eve 2018 :slight_smile:

Thanks to @grit909 for the reworked artwork


I feel more excited about this, than o did on as Eve!


Hello Nauts !

I’m at work for the Preparation of the Sound Bank, Few Adjustments, Renaming, Export for MK1 and MK2

See you later in the day for the DOWNLOAD LINK


LowEnd 101 (MkII version)

Download link :

Alternative link :


LowEnd 101 (MkI version)

Download link :

Alternative link :


A little bit of informations before i update both ZIP package tomorrow (it will include every patch as separate files and a PDF settings who explain how you should configure you A4/AK for certain patches (Unison and Poly mode)

I take a little more time to TAG everything, in theory you should have Patch name + one or two tags, with filename not truncated… I choose a certain number of letters so everything should be ok on its line.

If the patches doesn’t sound huge you can try to activate UNISON and checked 2 voices (1st and 2sd)

if the patch is tag chord and it’s not sound like this it’s because it’s not a one finger chord. (Check the OSC on both page if you have SUB 5th and +3 +7 in OSC1 and 2 you don’t have to change anything !)

If you don’t have this kind of configurations but still the patch is tagged Chord you should activated POLY MODE in POLY Config and checked 3 voices or 4 voices… in RESET Mode


I’m gonna put that Ravey-ST to good use ^^

Awesome pack, only useful stuff. Bravo !