[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


Courage, William!:muscle:
We miss you!


Yes Will. Im really looking forward to the booklet. I really like these patches you gave us and would like to see your approach to the sounds.


Sure that was my intention with this booklet… Explain better the LOWEND building blocks ! I hope people will like it… i always have ideas and project, but I’m the kind of guy to have too huge goals rather than a multiplicity of small one. And when something goes wrong the fall is bigger accordingly :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the kind words…

My favorites (when i listen 1 year later) are :

Finally, it’s not really LOWEND sounds but Movement Patches :joy::rofl:


I hope you’re doing alright and 2019 will be a better year for you. Also I can’t wait to read how you designed these patches.


Thanks Hans ! same for ya :wink: a good 2019 regarding music ! (for everyone)


End of 2018 was under sickness … So I isolate things prior to Low-end 101 booklet I come back on track with a brand new A4 MKII it will arrived tomorrow or in 2 days.

I was frozen in the middle of the writing process of the booklet, because I haven’t the analog four MK2 in front of me to explain the 128 patches and writing some new in the booklet learning process I planned for you nauts.

I will have time + hardware = conditions are there to make it work.
I asked to few fellow nauts to help but I realize it was to much spare time to give for free. That’s not something I can asked for easily. it’s not right. And that’s not their gift or wish at first, it’s mine. So I was a bit ashamed to continu this way to be honest…

Also, I don’t think people need some patches recipe and surely not the Low-end 101 recipe because you already have it. I will work on a booklet. But it will be Low-end 102. Please do not criticize me like well well again killing announcement, we tired of that. I understood perfectly.

I just give “status”. It make more sense to me to deliver 64-128 freely new patches but this time if you want to make it happen, guys you have recipe to program it yourself. so it will be a PDF with 64-128 recipe as screenshot. What’s I wrote therefore will be integrated as theory sheet… giving you breathe between programming and learning your analog four MK2.

As it’s a lot of work, it make sense it’s a new thing more than a part B… although it can be the same… it’s not by my side as I put the same amount of work twice rather than explaining 80% of low-end 101 + 20% of learning/theory content. it will 100% new patches and the way to get it is “DO IT YOURSELF”
I push people to feel what they do from the recipe. rather reverse engineering myself (kind of)


NB: the monkey here it is me who makes self-mockery, not targeted about you: I hope you’ll understand it like that :sweat_smile:


Sweet belt!


Hey William, any update on your project?


I do not hold the deadlines as you can see. But it’s still on my desk and I move on regularly. I am too perfectionist to deliver something which seems to me basic. Then there are always new ideas, new writings that come to add to it. Nevertheless the content is complete. It’s really the formatting that takes time and the page count is considerable.

I do not despair of finishing it soon and hope you will appreciate the material enough.