[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


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Just downloaded this set last night. Speechless. Killer patches. Can’t imagine needing a bass that is not in this set. Thanks so much!



Hello THANKS a lot for your feedback… @Stemshade

I still have the last chapter of the booklet to finish and I will be able to put it for download for everyone. Sorry for those who have been waiting for a long time. I did not think there would be so much trouble. In any case it is not abandoned but I don’t give anymore release date because obviously i do not hold the commitment. (for X reasons)

I had to sell some stuff included the Analog Four MK2 which complicated the writing of the end of the booklet… (and i have to buy it again at some point)

But I think that when you’ll see the booklet you will understand why it took so much time even with the pitfalls …

And as some people asked for it … Video Tutorials will coming too :slight_smile:


Hello @William_WiLD, I really hope you didn’t give up your project, which I was expecting a lot !


i didn’t give up. I still do a bit of layout on this weekend… at some point I will get things done. I had several projects this last 3 month with money incoming so… it slow down everything.


I’m back on track with few Elektronauts folks to help me ! So really thanks to them !

To finally finish the LOWEND101 Booklet.

But without the A4 it’s really difficult. I was forced to sell it… and have in mind to bought it again when Overbridge 2 is ready. (Not that i complaining about it so please don’t comment the OB2 side of things because i prefer to have it when it’s rock solid anyway.)

So it’s slow down Lowend101 but i will have to advance and not relying or depends on it.

I apologize to everyone who count on a fast delivery of the LOWEND101 Booklet
Engagement i partially failed - Because i deliver the Sound Pack, right ? :slight_smile:

I hope you use it again ? And find through it ways to design your lowend frequencies… (or just learnt few things, or maybe just gives you a bit of inspiration - i tried to make it oldschool and modern too - i hope i succeed in that way)

See you very soon here !
William WiLD

NB: this year was the most awful year in my life i think…