[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


FFS. I really really hope you manage to recover your data, I’m sure it will “only” be a matter of time and patience until you get everything back. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you need assistance.


Defo a lesson to have backups though…

Dont worry we all learn the hard way. I did :tired_face:

Now run a 2TB raid mirror in PC and use synctoy to backup every now and then to an external…

I was really looking forward to this booklet too…Hope you can recover it man.


As I said no filenames retrieved @MX but I stopped Data Rescue, Disk Drill seems to be faster and mounting as a disk to preview things I want to recover is very cool. Therefore I will give a try to Data rescue after Disk Drill if results are not satisfying but Damn it’s take so much time…

(but still 41 hours to wait to be able to check what it’s recovered and it’s run since this morning)


Such a bummer man…

Remember to try not to get too stressed out by it, shit happens and you gotta just go with it, do your best to recover, and not let it get you down… :slight_smile:

Just let it go and accept that something happened that sucked but what’s done is done and now you just have to do what you got to do to get back… It’s already annoying enough to do the work, being stressed out or upset just makes it worse…

Take a break and forget about it for awhile, go outside and take a walk or something, then go back to it…
Love yourself!

I hope you retrieve everything successfully!
I like the 3d… Bear :smile:


Always works…slow walk in nature taking in everything around you


sorry to hear that… best wishes


Polar ! Bear :slight_smile:


Hope all works out William!


Ok sounds good… But all is a mess of data now…

1TO of Recovered Data from Fuse Drive mounted will take 1 day to copy from the corrupted disk to the brand new one i buy only for the recover data process :frowning:


So it will take 4 days to then be able to preview faster… and only START TO SORT everything…
Sounds to me like one of the Twelve Labours of Heracles (Hercules), right now


I feel that the loss is inevitable i will have to take it like that, recover the essentials what i really do not want to lose …

List the rest and re-download from my various WEB accounts the maximum because it will go faster than sort everything … but list what I had on this disc will already be very long …

I come back on LOWEND 101 as soon as i can, hoping to find already the indesign documents which concerns the booklet and article I already written … [ FINGERS CROSSED here ]


Man, I feel even worse that this happened to you out of any of us because I know how much work you’ve done that was stored on there…
And your always the one giving us tips on how to backup and everything, you accidentally pressed the RED do not press button… :anguished:
I’ll light a candle for you, or in this case I’ll turn on a monitor… :smile:


that’s a tough one, hope you get everything back. good luck. :slight_smile:


Yeah i do always backup my system… to be able to get back at work in minutes. But i was in the middle of for my Data disk (6TO) i plan to buy a second one (at some point)… RAID system with two disk from the beginning is the best but it’s also more than twice as expensive. And when a disk is in the closet because you only need from time to time it’s hard to put 500euros in it.

What’s is unfortunate is i reinstalled my iMac, so i moved LOWEND101 on Data HD. I plugged SAMSUNG T3 because that the one i backup the system on (This one is never connected) Drama happen then … (probably because too tired that’s why i click format on the wrong one) I never have these two plugged at the same time… When i buy the Samsung D3 and see their name very close to each other… I think to that exact scenario and told me : wow I gonna have to think to never format the wrong one. :frowning:

you can predict it’s not enough


Samsung D3 Station is now dead… probably the results of heat during the recovery procedure :frowning: i try to get back a new one from the warranty … Damn

But I had time to copy recovered files just before it’s failed definitively so… even if I don’t know what’s recovered I’m kind of happy in my drama :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m really excited about your new project. Sounds cool, yea :wink:


Thanks Master @Floppydisk_Pirates :thup:




Are you kidding me ? Of course I’m excited, interested and more, this is a wonderful gift to the community, registered immediately !

So you managed to get most of your lost data back in an organized fashion ?


LOWEND 101 recovery files : @toodee I don’t recover that much unfortunately … But I have all in mind so I will rewrite faster. That’s life.


Hey Happy Birthday man! :boom:
Here’s to a good year! :beers: