[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


Thank you very much for sharing, great work!
So many nice patches :slight_smile:
At the moment i am totally into the sound of the HARSH patch :panda:
Merci beaucoup, William!


Thanks for the kind words @7schlaf :wink: happy New Year man


You know, for a moment I was pissed that my machines are all packed and I don’t have the occasion to try the patches when they come out. But now I’m at peace, I’ll wait for the booklet, discovering patches as I read through it.

Again thank you for all you’re doing for us, this is priceless and definitely one of the best gifts I got this season. Merci @William_WiLD, si un jour tu passes par Bruxelles, ya des bières qui t’attendent ici :thup: :beer:


Thanks @toodee when I’m going to Berlin by car, Belgium is an intermediary point for me when i sleep to split by half the travel so there’s chance it happen again in 2018 :wink: I keep that in mind. Thanks toodee :wink:


That’s a really great work William. Happy NY!!


Hey Thanks @MX ! Happy NY two !!!


Itś a Little off topic, but man, you have some awesome graphic design skills! Have you studied something like this?


Yes I have a degree in Graphic Design (have worked in agency something like 10 years) and a little bit under regarding the degree in business information and communication, i done graphic design just after this one. But as I’m an honest man I must admit I done not that much in terms of Graphic Design here I just choose a good picture + a magazine layout and buy the rights to use it from Envato which I choose with my taste…

I have done nothing more to build a song with a sample collection here to compare…

as I done this LOWEND 101 on my personal time and for free, I really generally think that my time is money so I prefer to spare 20 bucks to deliver to all of you something better than a text file without spending half a day to build a full layouts on 34 pages with is not the same cost for me at the end.

All the credits and Congratulations goes from their respective owner :wink:

So the picture used is this one :

And the Magazine Layout is this one :

Thanks @Kari :wink:


What’s cool is 3 generous people are cover that fees with a generous donation via paypal and I thanks them : @Hans_Olo, @LyingDalai and @djx !

But, I will take a drink for the New year 2018 to make a toast with them in Mind :wink: Thanks Again guys


Ha i knew it! Thanks a lot for the answer:) Even you did buy the layout and photograph, it’s still a great combo! I do a lot of illustrations, maybe one day I make a thread and post some of my synth designs / concept art :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to download your patches, I’m really excited!


You talked about the Booklet and Learning Content (+ Templates) Right ?
Because the LOWEND 101 Sound Bank (128 Sounds) is already online :wink:

Have fun with the Sounds @Kari

Note : I do a lot of illustrations, maybe one day I make a thread and post some of my synth designs / concept art :wink: Cool send me a links when you’ve put some online I would like to watch it cheers


Oh I meant i could not test the bank because I’m not in near of my A4, but I will be soon :slight_smile: Of course I know there are online. But of course i really exited about the upcoming booklet!

Cool, I will post some in this forum, if I have enough different sketches… (I try to get used to marker renderings right now , so this is a fun practice for me).


Thank you very much for that fantastic job. I was very disappointed with the bass sounds on mkI and now I’m learning a lot how to make it boost :clap:t2:


That’s very cool @alespardo glad i helped you :wink: Happy New Year !


THANK YOU For your fantastic work !


Thanks @martinvowz ! happy New Year :wink:


So many awesome sounds! Really inspirational and a good resource to learn from. Thank you so much for all the work! …even the patch names are very well chosen… really excited about the upcoming „booklet“


Thanks a lot @Kari !


Personal Request are now closed. Booklet progression is on its way !
Thank you all for the trust you place in the Booklet’s future content.

See You very Soon



Merci par ce bon travail et cette générosité…Je te souhaite une belle année 2018!
I will send you my new track if I never use one of your sounds…