[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND102 (Announcement : DIY Booklet + theory sheets)


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:wink: I really appreciate this initiative. Of course, no obligation! and I will continue in this direction to share
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boom! thanks for all your insightful comments and hard work with this pack @William_WiLD going to download and compose some tracks tonight with them =) cheers


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thnx mate,

Just downloaded it a few hours ago for my AK. Some joystick action on 4 tracks, recorded at once:


Great… sounds from LowEnd ? If yes you have really reworked them well in your own way ! Congratulations @deerfeeder ! Happy New year Man :wink: All the best


its all your stuff. just added a lot of movement to the filters + joystick. (on all 4 tracks)


You know what it’s very well made, like if it Was all your stuff ! well done :wink:


thanks so much for putting this together, i can’t wait to go through it all this week.


Very nice work, thanks a lot!


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OK just to let you know what I’ve decided for the Booklet

i currently start today. I will integrate theory into practice and not separate them. Also each dose of theory will be essential (from my point of view) and illustrated in the context of the Analog Four.

i decided to make tutorial by families, with some exercices. Also we will cover new Sounds because i want to force you to discover new sounds being made in the sense of discovery in a personal instant of yours and not the sounds that you already have in the Sound Bank.

That’s why i reduce the amount of patches initially plan when i said i will explain each patches but the 128 don’t really use 128 different technique - But trust me, the amount of content will be the same at the END. Just more interesting for everyone. Because people who have certain skills may not want to rebuild the patches, therefore to get new recipe from unknown sound gives more desire.

I think it’s better to explain by families of shaping what you can get by this technique or this another one. Explain how the Starter Templates are working because it’s base on this approach, and to illustrate each one we will cover how I achieve some patches from LOWEND101 and we will extend to completely New patches as well.

i will cover also some principle regarding mixing internally, externally in the context of Studio and Live Performance (But only on this Frequency Range, which is probably the most difficult range to mix other generate other problem nasty freq, sibilance etc… but this low end range can ruin everything and discourage you completely, that’s initially the Theme of LOWEND SoundBank/Learning content series)


Thanks a lot William_WiLD for your effort in making this sound bank and all the information you will provide. Looking forward that booklet, I’m sure it will be really useful for those of us who are still learning the A4…


Thanks @plebeyo
Happy new year man !