[ Sound Bank ] lowend101 (eBook in progress) v00d00ppl teamed with me

LOWEND 101 : Released !

Unofficial Sound Pack for Analog Keys/Four MK I & MK II
Made by William WiLD ==>> Free and only on :3lektron: Elektronauts

So what is LOWEND 101 :

I always had difficulties on my Analog Four to get satisfying BASS especially. So I decided to come back to the BASS but not only, I would say all sounds part of the LOW END. From Drums to Bass, going through drones, sub, sweep, infra noises… etc…

A Booklet with tutorials, Starter Templates (Sysex files) and advises will be delivered in January/February in A4 size for printing as a reference. I really hope you learn things. I don’t think I will stop there… more to come in 2018 so STAY TUNE NAUTS :wink:

LowEnd 101 (MkI version)

Download link :

Alternative link :

LowEnd 101 (MkII version)

Download link :

Alternative link :

Thanks to @grit909 for the reworked artwork

December, Sunday the 31 at 17:17 PM (Paris UTC+1)

it will be uploaded in Elektronauts File section :
LOWEND 101 as one file (the full soundbank - sysex)

Tomorrow January the 1st in the afternoon

The ZIP package will be Updated with :

  • LOWEND 101 as separate sounds (individual - sysex)
    A PDF with settings like Poly configuration (Unison or Poly mode settings)

Progressively from January to February ( the Learning Booklet & Templates ) :

with approximatively 50% new content inside

  • Article progressively reveal and discussions on it are open !

At some point the whole booklet will be downloadable so you can keep it as a ressource !

  • kits (FRESH one included) with settings like Unison Mode, Poly Mode… and some demo patterns (don’t wait the next top of the chart track here) it’s just few notes I have in mind regarding the sound.
  • The SoundPool LOWEND 101 (EXTRA included)
  • Booklet in PDF ISO A4 printable (will contain screenshots with all Tutorial steps for every patch) and all the Starters Templates as Kits and Patches (SYSEX)

For those who want to thank me and buy a drink i post you my PayPal address if you wish there’s no obligation at all - But as some people express and ask for it here it is and THANKS



Sounds fantastic. Can’t wait! :grin:

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Merci Beaucoup William

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You’re too kind :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, really looking forward to hearing them and seeing how they’re created!

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Merci William c’est très généreux ! Thank you William, very generous !


Wow can’t wait.


Look forward to these. :grinning:

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Great, bring on the end of the year!

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Nice one…Ill be on holiday from work then so great timing.

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Wonderful Sir.

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Looking forward to this :smiley:

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sounds interessting - can’t wait to get it

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Looking forward to the tutorials on the patches…i defo need to learn synthesis on the A4 a lot more…any help greatly appreciated


Sneak Peek 01 (LOWEND101)

Just a sneak peek for LOWEND101
when I designed this bass on Elektron Analog Four MK2… I can’t resist to play these notes for the preview …

it’s flat recording, no EQ, no COMPRESOR, Flat out the A4 MK2 (but there’s Unison active in this one that’s why it’s kind of huge but sounds good to me with only one voice

Patch : PtchUnison

For this one I have in mind a classic vintage bass with a max sustain so you can play it as a long sustained sequence… (or not it’s up to you) (A:0 D:0 S:100% R:30%)

i started with the sub, i have in mind to start on the basic formula in the way of a 808 bass (you can find a very good example in Strobe2 from FXpansion called 808 bass but I design it with less pitch envelope in term of range), simple i started with a triangle, get the tone with a LP2 filter with Keytracking, little bit of overdrive, modulate OSC1 Pitch to get the energy, fine tweaking.

At this point, i activate OSC2 and inject 35% (Level Mixing) a SAW wave, Fine tweaking the overall configuration the Filter. Sound good to me at this point.

To get a more advanced sound, i activate unison check 4 voices (so there’s chance you need to resample this sound to free up your analog four but as i said the patch sounds good before on 1 voice so…)
When playing I can’t resist to play these notes from a classic French tune (yeah you already know it)
Add a bit of chorus, small amount of delay…

That’s it.
Also i have LOWEND101 in mind as a purest form of LOW END sounds… it will serve you as basic start point or pure TONE patch ready BUT i will not make sounds dirty, effected or with heavily movement because I want to encourage people to appropriate the sound and understand formula more to giving a personal sound signature : so there’s room for your taste in tweaking those patch according to your taste :wink:

From this patch i can easily make 10 different bass and more with how i play notes + modulation and live tweaking


Wow, looks tasty!!

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thanks @Nikarga
I hope the overall will be delicious :slight_smile:

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After the French touch, the French Taste !
Unfortunately I can’t listen to it with decent speakers/headphones.
What is that French tune ?

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