[ Sound Bank ] lowend101.com (in progress >90%) v00d00ppl teamed with me

Sneak Peek 18 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : LoDronish

Sneak Peek 19 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : Tronik

Sneak Peek 20 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : EPIC-ORNOT

Sneak Peek 21 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : DEEPCH-TKN

Sneak Peek 22 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : MOVMENT 12

Sneak Peek 23 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : CHUCKYPLK

Sneak Peek 24 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : TEKSAW

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Sneak Peek 25 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : WHATORGAN


Sneak Peek 26 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : WOMPY BASS

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Sneak Peek 27 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : WURLITZEU


What a fabulous set of sounds. Thx so much William. really appreciate your work here.

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Add some 909s and you got the streets of rage 1 soundtrack!


Awesome job, can’t wait

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can i have this Patch … NOW? :slight_smile:

awesome work William! Fingers Crossed for the Release! :+1::+1:


@umonox PM’ed :wink:




Sneak Peek 28 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : ACDC OF7

First FX of the SneakPeak Series ! Kind of electrical I sustain it longer than needed just to show you better the modulation but i see this sounds like a electrical town line who broke, fall on the street… sustained a bit and electrical is switch off for security purpose (sounding like back to the futur this part haha) … and I done that :joy: i laughing now… I didn’t drink, or smoke I promise ! (maybe it sounds like a chainsaw from far away hahaha)

Guys I guess FX will be more a joke from me there… I did well not to put too much, because I realize I probably not good at it, and more over : I didn’t like FX except the Batman moto sound (I guess it’s kind of Shepard Tone auditory illusion) and the old one from movies THX FX hahaha


Really great sounds and respect for the Boooklet with the Tutorials. Just - wow! :slight_smile: :clap:


EDIT For the SRF (Self Resonating Filter Sinewave) :
I end up with the Patch UTILBATWO with a slightly different value on FREQ tuning which gives me a more satisfying range now every C is C with not that much cents drift.

Tune Filter 2 to 52.70 (FRQ)
Now I don’t know if this value is reachable on the Analog Four MK1 but the patch should come tuned like this.

can’t wait for this! Amazing work William!

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