[ Sound Bank ] lowend101.com (in progress >90%) v00d00ppl teamed with me

:joy: i don’t really like the whole track (especially the voices but back in the days it was ok not to mention that Erick Morillo was also behind Reel 2 Real…) always find this intro amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

SINEWAVE with Self Resonating Filter trick

Keep yourself in the Octave 0
put OSC-1 on OFF / Level 0
OSC-2 on OFF / Level 0
RESET Filter 1 (FRQ : 127.99 - RES : 0)
Tune Filter 2 to 52.70 (FRQ)
Keyboard Tracking (TRK) to +32

Start to move the Resonance slowly to maximum value, play some notes in the same time until you heard the sinewave coming. (What strange it’s not really a Pure Sinewave according to my Oscilloscope, but it’s a good perceived sinewave)

That way you get nice Sinewave Sub Bass in OCTAVE -2 (in Octave -1 the Keyboard tracking seem to not working on the whole range… i feel it like this… but Spectrum/Oscilloscope seem to move so.)
Then shape you AMP Enveloppe according to sound shape you want.

Notes : I would like to try that with the Filter 1 but it’s completely unreliable to set a pitch and to find the tracking which follow correctly. (i will try again tomorrow but it’s finished for F2 and working nice to me - to be confirmed by other Analog Four MK2 users :triangular_flag_on_post:)

:triangular_flag_on_post: SOMEONE with a Analog Four MK2 and a Spectrum/Oscilloscope TO CONFIRM this settings ? Just to be sure it match other A4 mk2 as well, i done this with a warmed machine.
@cuckoomusic ? @CarlMikaelBjork ? or anyone with an A4 MK2 ?**

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Swamped at the moment. Can’t try stuff out for a bit… Thanks for the tip, though!


No Problem Carl-Michael :wink:

Sneak Peek 13 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : SCRATCHORDZ-101

Sneak Peek 14 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : SAWDEE-STAB101

Notes : the Analog Four is the perfect candidate for Dub Tech Chords or Stab because of it’s internal effects… a bit of a shame there’s no master compressor which would be very useful in this case. But your can add it after it (Mixer, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, Hardware compressor etc…) The key is the Delay, the Reverb, Performance macro range (you must find all the sweet spot according to the other elements in your track. There’s plenty honestly to travel in the Dub Tech Chords or Stabs even then you can prefer to sample, put it through a Tape recorder, then in a Original Roland Space Echo or even a Boss RE-20 Space Echo to name the classic components in the Recipe… it’s about how all of this will lives and modulated.

Of course there i just Sneak Peek the general Tone with a bit of variation briefly and not try to demonstrate how it can/must be modulated…

7 years ago a guy made a video tutorial (first link on vimeo in tutorials) when i was after the understanding of this sounds… then there is huge passion all around the world and so many tracks released in this style i must admit i’m a bit tired now on this one… But the important is STAB-CHORDS are a major part in the Electronic music if we consider it with plucks - short sounds in every genre. Where i’m passionate though is the fact that’s it’s an infinite and pleasant sound i mean you can always discover interesting one (because of music harmony essentially and timbre research in the sound synthesis)

i will give you few links in the you just have to clic to expand it and access it so i will not pollute too much this post and the forum esthetics.

LINKS (click here to REVEAL)

Best Tutorial on this subject because of the Music Theory Part included

Some of my all time STABS tracks








Nom de dieu. Comme c’est bon…
Holly CWO, this is so my kind of sound. Love it !

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Glad you like it Bro :rofl:

Sneak Peek 15 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : RAVEY & BEARDY

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Sneak Peek 16 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : EDGYDOWN

this is all really helpful, thanks for putting in the work.


Yeah i hope the whole package help people to get started, better understand the basics and for ALL THE OTHERS : get back and review again the fundamentals.


Please put all your knowledge, tips and tricks into the booklet / pdf! I would love to have some kind of collection of tutorials in one document. Those „how to“ are kind of rare. Really awesome work so far! Thanks a lot!

Maybe some sh101 sweep bass patches and some 303isch type sounds would be great!

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Yes that was the idea for the Booklet focus on LowEnd but yes that’s the plan.
Thanks for the suggestion and it was also my intention to cover (or at least try to do my best) for sh101 sweep bass and some 303isch sound…

Problem with 303 is resonance on how the filter return this acid behaviour + Distortion (which we don’t have on the A4 itself, Overdrive doesn’t get quite to what i have in mind so for all Hardfloor / Emmanuel Top 303 it needs to be processed after the A4… anyway for a closer sounding TB clone is cheap and close nowadays.

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Free Download

Preview of the Printable PDF file :slight_smile:

Hi there, this is ISO A4 size printable in colors or B&W… You can use it to quickly reverse engineering patch you like, to convert patches you like to the analog four, to save the old school way your favorite patches in case of a sysex drama happen… it’s useful to me, generally i use this Patch sheet for faster table work and then i move it (when i have time) to a mac database. (Bento by the past but it’s dead so now i use Tap Forms 5 for Mac - i have iMac and iOS version with iCloud sync so it’s convenient to me - https://www.tapforms.com)


Duuuuuuuude, those demos though :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

The best Xmas present ever, I really also love that you’re doing this because (with the mission briefs) this is for me the most valuable of contents (and boy do I enjoy chatting with people here), the one that boosts creativity, gets everyone involved experimenting on the patches and talking about their practical experience of patching. I’m so hyped, this will be so cool !
So for all of that involvment of yours and more : thank you @William_WiLD, you rock !


i talked about Tap Forms 5 for Mac and iOS just below in the A4 Synthesis Patch sheet

You can download my Database Model here (it’s free too) :

More explanations on this method i use for Sound Synthesis

(Reverse Engineering and Personal Knowledge and Experiment backup)

What is Tap Forms 5 ?
Tap Forms 5 is a database manager with few cool options

What is it for ?
i use it personally on my iMac and iOS device (iCloud Sync) to save a general GRAAL of Sound Synthesis (my patches and favorites i reverse engineered)

What is the file ?
it’s the Form model, it’s the setup of your Tap Forms 5 database and tailored especially for the Analog Four. You can put a screenshot, Rate the patch, record a preview of your patches (only with iOS device mic) you have it all and you can use it in conjunction with the Analog Four Patch sheet i’ve just upload to the Elektronauts file Section. (you can even save your sysex files inside if you want to)

What is look like ?
i know it will not be useful for Advanced users but For people who struggle with Sound Synthesis and Memory (because you can’t Save the Knowledge without practicing a lot, this method is fine you save for ever you personal knowledge in the lightest and efficient way) it’s like a synthesis of the synthesis :slight_smile:

How to use it
Of course Tap Forms 5 is a paid app, it’s less expensive on iOS so you could simply buy the iOS version, but you can find it as well on the Apple Store for your iMac. Then import the file. You will have a Sound Synthesis database with a green laboratory bottle. Then you add records to your database. i added a third OSC section with the same setup like the Analog Four to match also in the same database all general retro engineering tasks (You can make it a 4 OSC by duplicate fields) then it become a layering sounds and take 2 voices of your A4… For editing Nature Patch list it’s in Tools > Editing category (then you can add Lead, Pad, String, Drums or whatever)

Tap Forms 5

My Advise then :
it’s like a collection of recipe you keep in Tap Forms 5, then i encourage you to recreate those recipe on each synth you have/use from Hardware to Software. And see where the sound travel will lead you… When you have those recipe you will always (95% of the time) get something you like at the END. Because you only Reverse Engineering Patches you really like, or backup yours…


Sneak Peek 17 (LOWEND101)

Patch name : KICK


Personal Note :
The Analog Four is very capable in the drum territory, you just have too listen all Sound Packs like Druma from @darenager where he nail so much Drums just FINE… it’s difficult i guess to done better but that’s not the purpose of the Template. it’s a Fast Start point where you can learn some basics, and experiment to find your range of sweet-spots in the kick drum sounds. Personally, i so much love to focus on Kick on the AR and even with the AR i somehow always want to add an extra processing after. i really love to inject some Dirt-Drive-Clip in the waveform and i do not find my way with only the Analog Four to my Taste. But, no doubt you can make pure and great kick with it. it’s more fast and ready to cut through the mix on the AR to me… Layering is a big bonus as well as Distortion and Compression. So… Your Taste > Your Sounds :wink: I get what i want with Analog Four + Analog Heat : That’s a very great combo :heart_eyes:

But i also know that i’m very demanding on this sound…

my Favorite Kick Processed Ever :


Useful for Sound Design and Mixing

An extremely useful tool when designing sound is Oscilloscope and Spectrum. Why, for instance making the Triangle wave the most close to a Sinewave by filtering it. An Oscilloscope is very convenient. You can use a real hardware Oscilloscope if you have one, but there’s also good standalone software as well as AU-VST plugins.

Oscilloscope :

  1. https://schulz.audio/products/oszillos-mega-scope/ (Favorite 1/2 PC-MAC)
    Note there’s a Bundle on this one so it’s cheaper : https://schulz.audio/products/oszillos-spectrum-bundle
  2. http://www.jthorborg.com/index.html?ipage=signalizer (Favorite 2/2 but BETA PC-MAC)
  3. http://www.sugaraudio.de/oscarizor (PC-MAC)
  4. https://www.meldaproduction.com/MOscilloscope (PC-MAC)
  5. http://spectre.aurchitect.com (MAC)
  6. http://www.faberacoustical.com/apps/mac/signalscope (MAC)

Spectrum / EQ (some with Multi-channel Analysis) :

  1. https://schulz.audio/products/spectrum (Fav 1/3) (PC-MAC)
    Note there’s a Bundle on this one so it’s cheaper : https://schulz.audio/products/oszillos-spectrum-bundle
  2. Vengeance Producer Suite - SCOPE (Fav 2/3) (you need one plugin to get this working) http://www.vengeance-sound.com/freebies.php
  3. http://www.voxengo.com/product/glisseq (Fav 3/3) (PC-MAC)
  4. http://www.stillwellaudio.com/plugins/schope (PC-MAC)
  5. https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_FreqAnalystMulti (PC-MAC)
  6. https://www.meldaproduction.com/MMultiAnalyzer (PC-MAC)

Also if possible always Design through a LIMITER to protect your ears :wink: no reference here… if it’s for protection purpose…


Not Finish Still in Progress