[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND101 (Available) Booklet content reveal every week!


Wow, thank you for your work!)

I think this is one the the best sound patches, based in preview)


New Sneak Peek coming :slight_smile:
AM-PM-FM :space_invader:


The D. C. songs is an aboslut classic. AT 9 o clock in the morning the floor was flipping out.


Looking forward to this! My A4 mk2 arrived this week. Already made to some exotic stuff i didnt thought one could do with this machine. Anyway, I am still a beginner, looking for input. Thanks for your effort!


17 patches designed today :stuck_out_tongue:
Damn that was a productive day
:heat: i’m OFF for all the others hours to come…

probably in few movies to take a ear break :tv:


Are we there yet? :wink:


Nope i would say we are at 67% :slight_smile:
i have some refinements to make when i have finish the design step, organize the patches, prepare the bank, make sure all audio signals are more of less the same in levels… making few mapping … verifying those patches correctly pairs with Beats (at least reduce effects amount and few tweaks)


Haven’t you learned from Elektron that making an announcement for something that isn’t available yet is… not ideal? :panda:

(Looking forward to the patches!)


if you are 3 months late, sure… but not my case… i said End December and i will be ready to drop it before January the 1st :slight_smile:


Bon courage!


All good…


“your love. your love” :two_hearts:



on the top of this thread you mentioned that the Sysex is compatible with A4 MK1 and A4 MK2.
but did you build the patches on the mk1 or mk2? i just wonder this regarding the new overdrive circuit… etc.


I have a friend who’s very good at synthesis who have sysex and audio file and make those as close as possible. I also try to avoid overdrive in this patches so it should be very close… also i tested all my mk1 soundbank and i wasn’t choked by the sonic difference (at least i don’t have the mk1 to make a proper A/B Test but i find the SoundBank very usable as it is)
But as i said in this lowend 101 i kept things clean like starter you can all guys make it more distorted or gritty… or effected…
==> i kept myself 1 step before any coloration

When i design the LowEnd sounds i try to focus on if i don’t have the overdrive with what things i can dirt the timbre… and i think it’s not a bad things for 80% of the sounds in the Low register to add it in the end of the process… So if people prefer clean bass (like me) all this people will like most of the sounds… And they have always the possibility to boost in level but with the gritty injection who come with the Overdrive.

Patches who use the overdrive are MOVMENT series where i use it as modulation. i find the overdrive very great in that regards, i don’t think it will be a problem for MK1 users… it should be fine as it’s modulation.

For making things a bit gritty i used the LFO FM’ish instead (or options in Oscillators config). Strangely, (for now maybe i will change my mind) i don’t really found the overdrive useful in the sound design of LOWEND 101, maybe for a more signature series of something gritty and harsh i would use it… (except for those MOVMENT i talked about where it’s add spices in the Modulation and dirt just some parts… from Clean to Dirt…)

i really think to another one more in the “stab, pluck, keys, chords and LUSH sequence territory” after that one. where i do think the Analog Four is perfectly suited for that…
( MIDRANGE 101 )




Hello have a good day everyone !


Love the sounds! Really looking for the whole pack. Great work William!


really looking forward to this pack william, keep up the good work.
have a great rest of your week and weekend.


December, Sunday the 31 at 17:17 PM (Paris UTC+1)

it will be uploaded in Elektronauts File section, Link will be copy-paste here in this thread.

Name of the thread will be changed from :
LOWEND 101 (Announcement) Free and only on :3lektron: Elektronauts
to : LOWEND 101 (Released) Free and only on :3lektron: Elektronauts


I thought it would be nice to make a little extra thing for our precious because too rare (Women) Nauts so 3 of THEM get their personal BASS and patch name. in the same time i wish her a happy new year and a lot of tracks in 2018. I don’t mention anyone they will recognize her.