[ Sound Bank ] LOWEND101 (Available) Booklet content reveal every week!


Laurent Garnier “The Force” (From album “Shot In The Dark” 1994 on Fcom : memory of the theme I did not listen to check if the notes are exactly the one I played)


Nice and deep. How many of the patches will work on the A4 Mk1, do you think?


I have a friend who is fine tweaking those patches on his MK1 at the moment, i sent him sysex and wave file so he fine tweak it to get as closed as possible. From wave file he sent me for now we are pretty close to the one i designed.


Excellent! While I have a Lifeforms SV-1 to make some really low-end basslines, it’s always nice to have recallable patches too. Really looking forward to these. Thanks in advance for all your hard work.


That’s currently my problem to create cool basssounds on my a4mk2…

great project!


With the enhanced bass and overdrive on the mk ii does it get closer into Moog territory?


@DimensionsTomorrow : I would say Yes… even if what’s make Moog, moog’ish is the Moog Filter essentially and the filter on the A4 mk2 is different but if you looking for Vintage Bass i can say it’s very doable on the Mark 2


Sneak Peek 02 (LOWEND101)

Just a sneak peek for LOWEND101 it started with the REESE Starter Template and turn into a Sweep Bass, fine tweaking with a bit of delay… When playing at some point I have an sequence idea who turn the sound into something according to what I have in mind…


Sneak Peek 03 (LOWEND101)

Just a sneak peek for LOWEND101 Another Sneak Peek in the more Sweep Bass FX way… Kind of like that :slight_smile:


Big Sounds.I happy when you release this Pack


Excellent. I can’t wait to get one of these.


Sneak Peek 04 (LOWEND101)

Just a sneak peek for LOWEND101 Another Sneak Peek in a more Organ Bass way… Kind of like the results unless it’s not really what I try to achieve but yeah nice one I kept. :laughing:


Sneak Peek 05 (LOWEND101)

:triangular_flag_on_post: ALERT Aaaaaleeeertrtttt ! Lower your level, headphone or whatever !!! This one literally BLOW my Behringer Custom One Pro (Anyway I’m gonna change it because old now… But it’s blow the left side literally) ( How that’s happen I was the bad idea to check what Unison will results with this one hahaha … it kills it… no damage to my ear thought… :stuck_out_tongue: remembering when I say always design through a limiter at the end, well I can tell you it’s a very good advise : why i haven’t … my bad )

Another Sneak peek for LOWEND101 This one is Razor Sharp but the LOWEND is here trust me or trust my Dead headphone hahaha…


Sorry about that, but if your blowing speakers designing a bass soundpack, I think that means your doing a good job! :slight_smile: “The party ain’t started till the speakers blown”: https://youtu.be/STxkPSgDrZQ


Blowing Headphone ! i think it’s harder than a monitor haha :joy:


Ooops, I didn’t catch they were headphones…
Try for your sub! :joy:


Very interesting ! :slight_smile:


Thanks I will add few more Sneak Peek on Saturday and Sunday :slight_smile:


In any instance I prefer that my mind be blown


I lost my mind when it was blown away, it blew my mind to find it again and thus the cycle just keeps repeating…