SOPHIE's sound design (Digitone or Monomachine?)


eh, i like noise tracks. plus im pretty sure it was made as a filler track and it has a backstory too it. + i wanted to recreate it bcus im making a track with my MnM and ableton that needs that sound as a filler before the “drop” :roll_eyes:

  • the song also shakes the floor on live shows, which is sick asf


Art doesn’t only fall into the category of pleasurable.


Yep luckily we’ve all got different ears


Sounds like a swarm of mosquitos on acid
Actually that would sound pretty good


No. Monomachine and a lot of time. Do you have a family? Abandon them they are slowing your progress.


well thats l.o.v.e. for ya bipsh


Great sound… No idea how to get it lol. My one hunch is that the high pitched sound has an LFO set to the pitch (saw wave?) with another LFO set to the pitch (vibratto triangle?) and the third LFO set to the second LFO… Because it sounds to me like the vibratto is changing speed.

That being said, here’s a fun story I’ve been thinking about lately: When I first hopped on a synth or two I knew nothing about synthesis. So I tweaked my friend’s Bass Station II until I got some awful, ear piercing sounds that I was a fan of. My friends complained and said they could “feel” the sound even when they were in a different room. I considered this a success. But back then I couldn’t make a pad or a hip bass or a lead to save my life.

Well now it’s the opposite.

So I’ve been thinking lately what if I were to approach synthesis as if I knew nothing at all? And just tried to make things sound fucked up instead of pleasing? Pretending I don’t know what a filter is? Or a Q? Where will that take me?

I think, maybe, a similar mindset is needed for these “swarms of mosquitos on acid” sorts of sounds. Start with something messed up, and make it more and more messed up and unrecognizable until your roommates complain about the pain in their skulls.

Anyway, I’m going to take up this idea tonight and for a few days and see how it goes. Being back in the mindset of knowing nothing about synthesis sounds inspiring to me… Though also literally impossible.


We certainly do… The sound is definitely “awful” and I think that’s non negotiable, but I for one love how awful it is. Hence trying to recreate it ;p


interesting idea! you might be able to replicate this synthesis-ignorance through random number generation for different synth settings? establish the range for the parameters you want to mess with (e.g. filter cutoff, attack, etc.) and hit up to determine the starting place for those parameters.


I love that sound.

I’m not going to try and recreate it, but if I were to have a go I’d probably start by looking at modulating the LFO interlace parameter (INT). Have the LFO set to push the sound very very far away from the original settings (pitch? distortion? filter? dunno), and then interlace it really fast. You can get some interesting fizzy/buzzy/crackly sounds that way.

There’s also obviously an LFO or two controlling the pitch (one triangle or something and then a random one on the triangle LFO rate/depth - so you get a smoothed/slewed random pitch change). Or it’s actually a bunch of trigs with random LFO on pitch and a bit of portamento. It’s possibly two sounds layered as well, a low tone and a high one, but it’s hard to be sure.


are the mosquitos on acid, or are we?


Did somebody say a swarm of mosquitos on acid? Just the MnM here :wink:

Almost sounds like something that’d be in a Silent Hill game to me haha




so, i’ve been listening to alot of SOPHIE songs from 2009 - 2011 (Motherland era) and came across this video. starting at around 0:12 and ending at 0:15 there is this metal banging sound im in love with. any explanation on this sound would be amazing :grin:

and now for the snare! at the same time, in the same video, there is this slappy / high pitched snare sound. i’ve tried many, many times to get something like that messing around in dpro bbox but I can’t get anything that sounds even remotely like that.

thank anybody for any help ya’ll give me! XXX Lucia :hugs: