SOPHIE interview


SOPHIE working alongside Rihanna on the Monomachine.



Bitch, better have my plocks.


Rad. Is Anti worth a listen?


Well, I’ll be damned!


I didn’t realise Sophie produced on Anti at all. Anyone know which tracks?

The Charli XCX EP he did is phenomenal though. One of my favourite releases of last year.


Hm, Work sounds like it could have a bit of :elmm: on it.




Is that Vroom Vroom?




Yes. I really, really rate it. Though most people I’ve raved about it to have hated it, haha. I don’t think many Charli XCX fans liked it.

The title track has some fierce :elmm: FM machine business happening.


I honestly don’t really know who Rihanna is (I mean, I know the name and that she’s some big pop star, but I’m blissfully out of the loop), but I have an unreasonable amount of love for SOPHIE, so I’ll have to check this out. Nice find, OP!

Elektron, I still think it would be amazing if you would follow up the SOPHIE interview you did a few years back (which I blame for turning me onto him) with a more in-depth exploration into how he uses the Monomachine for his music.


Just listened, really enjoyable in a reckless pop way. Put her older album on after and it doesn’t have the same satisfying sheen.


It;s a shame she wasnt playing around with her vocals on an MPC Live…!


Have you heard her?
I think her approach to sound design is incredible.
Also the most creative approach to MnM i have heard


So good. Can’t wait for a second album.


Yeah, so amazing. She’s quickly surpassing Autechre as my favourite sound designer… which is a big call for me.


Pretty sure Sophie is a bloke


nah, she came out as trans at the end of last year


Wonder how much MnM she uses in her trax?
Sounds great


For live sets uses cdj and monomachine only, and you can see all the weird clang/glup/sci-fi comes from the mono