SOPHIE interview


I love this old school electro, but don’t hear any resemblance to Sophie. Its to me a stripped down Aphex twin .

edit- Ok on further listening I hear what your saying .


Yeah I love old school electro myself. I was a b-boy and body popper back in the day. Used to have all the old electro compilation records :slight_smile:


PC Music is literally Vaporwave aesthetics applied to earnest dance music.

I really don’t like it personally, AikiGhost is right that it turns out to be a rehash of electro-pop


PC Music is sarcastic and satirical and I applaud this aesthetic being applied to “earnest dance music” (whatever that is)!

It’s totally bonkers with a very British sense of humour.

It sounds totally futuristic, to me, even if that future is a horrific, saccharin consumerist dystopia where we all sit slack-jawed in virtual reality MTV dominated by hyper-sexualised blip-core fembots. :kiss:

Is that what you want? Because that’s what you’re getting. :slight_smile:



Love it :slight_smile:


Yeah I love old school electro myself. I was a b-boy and body popper back in the day. Used to have all the old electro compilation records :)[/quote]
Personally I think its coming back, as seen here.


I find the whole PC music thing strangely compelling.

DMX Krew on a similar tip in the late 90’s


Hadn’t heard of Sophie before this interview, completely bonkers, love it!

Also it’s refreshing to see hear a bit of tongue-in-cheek attitude, sets it apart from the usual gloomy London music…


I was recently reminded of this, and honestly, I want to hate the fuck out of it. It’s the total antithesis of what I enjoy in music normally.

But…much like Throbbing Gristle praised Abba, I find myself loving the hell out of it (especially “Bipp”). There’s something so pure in the sound that I find myself putting it on repeat and shaking my ass. It’s honest pop that turns me on.

I’d actually really appreciate it if there were some “in the studio” videos made about how the Monomachine plays into making these tracks. I think it would be illuminating. I can’t quite conceive how Sophie makes these tracks with the sound engine and sequencer of the Mono, despite being quite familiar with the gear. Even if you didn’t wish to make such glorious pop, I bet you’d learn a few tricks.


You might like to check out PC Music’s Soundcloud, particularly the mixes:

You’ll hate all those tracks too, at first :wink:

With regards to Sophie’s apparent use of the Mono… I haven’t used a Monomachine, but I hear trigged or sequenced LFOs adjusting Pitch and Rate that sounds EXACTLY like some doodles I (accidentally) came across on the Octatrack using Single Cycle waveforms.


God, as much as I’ve really tried to hate this music, it has crept back into both my listening and creative space. I find myself getting all sorts of new sounds from the Monomachine as a result, little things that I never would have thought of but that get the blips and gurgles in SOPHIE’s tracks. It has really started to give me another impression of ways in which the Monomachine can be used.

Elektron…can you please, please, PLEASE get SOPHIE for an In The Studio video or something? I’d love to see how he programs and arranges these sounds for full tracks that have such movement and weight. The wild experimentalism of Autechre and cEvin Key inspired me to buy a Monomachine, but seeing how someone like SOPHIE makes unashamed pop with the instrument might be even more inspiring.


I keep bumping this, but SOPHIE has really been a guilty pleasure since the Elektron interview. Especially after watching the Boiler Room set, I’d be curious about any discussion about how he uses the Monomachine for his sound:


Dammit, Elektron, I have only you to blame for turning me onto SOPHIE. I was all about the dark, dirty corners of industrial, grime, metal, and other filth, and you showed me the squeaky clean plastic of SOPHIE and I’ve never quite been the same. PLEASE get him in for another interview. The sounds he wrings out of the Monomachine are unparalleled, and I’d love some more insight into his process.


That could be because swedish (us Finns always kid about how the “former rulers of finland” are too posh lol)

All good tho


Oh hey that video! I heard that’s a trans artist posing as sophie on that gig lol


Yeah, that’s correct. SOPHIE himself runs out onstage as the bouncer at one point.

The QT “performance” from that same show is also really interesting. It reminds me a lot of Negativland in message.


SOPHIE produced the last Charli XCX EP (Vroom Vroom recordings;) and what I can say is that he massively used the MnM on this sound :

(Some drums and the FM sequence)


The original link is dead or private or something :frowning:


Here you go!


Thank u so much‹3333