Sonicware ELZ_1 New portable synth


Sweet, looks good.

This reminds me that I reeeeeally hope TE are considering making a bigger op-z with screen at some point. This kind of size unit. I know people say you don’t need a screen, and that it’s meant to be small. But i love the op1’s visual feedback and size and would be all over an op-z if it was in a similar format…


I think this could make a great little setup with a Digitakt, dare I say it but it could fill some peoples need for a new monomachine? Certainly seems to have plenty of synthesis types and numerous well chosen parameters.


Is it known whether or not this is multitimbral?


Seems really cool but I can’t help but feel it will be quite beta testy for a long time based on the look of it. Like it just even looks like beta hardware to me… sign me up for a mk2 though. Hope it does well for them.


Looks like perfect circuit has them listed for $499.


Had a prototype of this in my hands today, bumped into a rep in a London store - build quality is superb - all metal chassis - hefty but not heavy - solid feel and great screen - just a quick first impression - he said 4-5 weeks for U.K. availability.


Anyone seen this.looks interesting


This thing is designwise one of the worst things i have ever seen.


What don’t you like about it.i think it sounds quite good


Agree with Monobear, design is just horrible to my taste :confused:


Sound may be ok, but nothing that really grabs me. But that also may be because it‘s visually so offending. Also I find it rather to big for a portable device and to small to be stationary.

Just hire a young and enthusiastic industrial designer to fix it…THIS will not sell in THAT shape. which would be sad if its really a useful little box of synth toys.
Why do synth designers don‘t get the importance of good design? Why is it, that op-1, organelle or say iphones sell so well? Design it is.


I preordered one, and am super stoked to get it. You should totally chill out.


Actually, watched the Simon the Magpie video about it a couple of days ago, might be the first that makes the ELZ interesting to me, looks like the sonic possibilities are way beyond what we can hear from the Sonicware demonstrations


Iam chilled out to the max :wink: just saying it looks ugly and it looks like it feels ugly…

If you like it, take it…


Just referring to this hyperbole:

It just seemed rather unnecessary and loud considering how much I dig the aesthetic of this one personally.


I’ve been dying to get my hands on this, and it just arrived today. I’m super into lo-fi digital synths, and this beauty does not disappoint imo.


Are the encoders and round buttons the same as the elektron black boxes??


How is the midi implementation? Stable?


Haven’t had a chance to try any midi yet. Spent a bit messing with all the different engines, and playing through some presets. I’m absolutely in love with the character of this synth.


I’m a fan of Lo-fi digital as well. Is there really no lfo on this thing? Maybe modulation is a parameter built into the synth engines?