Sonic potions LRX - black case, trig expansion


Sonic potions LXr drum synth - erica synths black case, sd card, trigg expansion 7 outs, clk 1 and clk 2, clk in- great for modular. Has all the sequencing tricks from the latest elektron products and much more.


$800 aud, happy to ship international


Whoa! I didn’t know the the LRX had that sequencing ability- but was curious about it.

This is a pretty tempting thing you’ve got here- that thing can make wild sounds! It sounds like the DigiDrum that people have been wanting


hi mate, yeh its a really great bit of kit kinda like a machinedrum 3 i guess. really great filters, sound is wider and nicer than the md.

in comparison to the old machinedrum:
• sound and outputs, more headroom than MD. Fantastic filter with many filter types. FM per channel. Swing per track. Multi drive. Kicks and snares thump or go into modular territory.
• The sonic potions has poly rhythm ability with offsets, micro timing, steps per track, .
• Subsets per step. Mod destination for macros, looper, Euclidean pattern generation and pattern rotation. Track Transpose. Probability, trig conditions per step.
• Open source firmwares -
• Full envelope, ADsr,
• 2 different p-lock channels per track.
• Modern plus drive via SD card for super quick loading and transfer of samples, kits, performances.
• Normal midi. PLUS Usb midi to integrate into DAWS and ableton.
• Performance mode, macros, which allows you to morph from one sound, or kits, to another sound per STEP - like sound locks on the analog 4 and digitak.


Oh man. Do you know what you’re inflicting on me?! :smiley:


empathy initiated!


Resistance is futile… :wink:


Self inflicted ha. Time to get out the credit card. The Australian dollar sucks so it’s $600 us


I’ve looked it up :smiley:

If I get a job soon, we can talk




How many steps for the patterns on this puppy?


Where are you based mate? Any idea on shipping to the UK?


Melbourne Australia, happy to ship it out, it is quite light.
From 40-80 australian dollars depending on your post code, days for delivery, signage.


on ebay now, standard rate international postage fine. FREE postage in Australia.