Song Mode LED bug

As soon as you mute just one track in any pattern while in “Song Edit” mode, the “Song mode”-LED stops indicating song mode being off.

How to test:

  • Make a cleared new song with any pattern
  • go to “Song Mode” (FUNC > EDIT SONG)
  • press MUTE for track muting in Song Mode (yellow pads)
  • check all pads are on, none muted (should be by default if cleared song)

Now you can toggle Song Mode by pressing the button. the LED changes blue/magenta

Leave it on blue (= Song Mode off)

  • mute any track

You will see the Song Mode LED turning Magenta (Song Mode on), though Song Mode is still actually off if you left it off.
You can check that by pressing “NO” and exiting Song Mode.

If you unmute all tracks again, the LED indicates right again.

Submitted, acknowledged by support - just posting to make it public.

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