"Song mode" Digitakt


So you make a pattern chain, and then what, you save it? and it loads with the project? One chain per project?


No drum machine at this price point has the feature set that Digitakt has, period.


Hopefully the DT/DN would be able to save a lot of pattern chains (like at least 50-100).


Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t have something in the pipeline. Elektron might have people lining up for the DT at the moment, but if another company comes out with something that’s comparable at a lower price point, more stable, or more features, then Elektron might see a dramatic drop in business. Behringer, Roland, and a few other companies are always a potential danger to Elektron’s bottom line.


Though saving pattern changes seems like it would require a lot to impliment. It’s basically adding another layer that is not previously existing. I agree that it would be a welcomed feature, though as long as a chain stays active when i turn the machine on and off that would be enough for me (prepare for a set, then take the device out and play with that chain). Though if I’m honest I don’t use song mode on my A4 and opt more for live switching of patterns (I’m ADHD and it entertains me haha) so if I could sync pattern changes between both devices then I’m set.

wait…couldn’t I use my A4’s song mode to control the DT as well?!


Well right now they can’t keep the digitakt on the shelf the demand is so high. Obviously it’s filling a gap in the market. TR8s is the same price and nowhere near the feature set. It’s got some other really cool things about it, but it’s got no song mode to speak of, no plocks, no conditional trigs, no sound locks, etc etc. In terms of competing with the AR, it’s not in the same category, and really the AR doesn’t have another drum machine in it’s category. It’s expensive, yes but it’s also unique. Tempest is old and no longer has software support. I don’t agree that Behringer and Roland are a threat to Elektron at all because they cater to the lowest common denominator, they AREN’T more reliable or have better QC…

I bought a D-05 and SH-01a at launch and I tried to chain them and simply plugging anything into the mix in causes the noise floor to jump 40db! Huge oversight to not have gain control for the mix in, and they have no fix. This happened even when running on batteries, or plugged into the wall. Simply the act of putting the cable in engaged the circuit. In Canada, Roland doesn’t have telephone support, so I had to call the service center and they didn’t even have any units to test and gave me a 3-4 month lead time for any repairs.

I had a DM6 which I had to return once for a noise issue, and even after the second one that was much better, the noise floor was rougly 15db louder than my A4. So I sold it.

Also once (if ever) Overbridge drops, there will literally be no competition at that price point.


Yes you can. Especially now that the bug has been worked out.


Perfect, then I’m set haha


Roland might not have speedy customer service, but I’ve owned A LOT of their gear over the years, and I’ve never had any significant issues with any of their gear. Elektron on the other hand…

I’m not trying to bash Elektron, but it’s a good thing that they do have quick customer service, because pretty much all of their new stuff is buggy as hell.


I have too. They don’t make stuff like they used to. A lot of it is just toys. Which is why they are struggling finanicially. TR8s is the first thing they’ve made in a long time that wasn’t the toy/prosumer style product, or a failed attempt at breaking out of that.


Just don’t see it happening. There are so many simple features they could add to DT that are already coded into the DN’s OS, that haven’t been added. I doubt we see anything like this ever.


MIDI program change via foot pedal.



Let’s not forget Novation… I’m sure there’s a Circuit Pro in the works…


I understand how this might seem a bit fiddly, but man, once set up (took me about 10 mins), I find the workflow really smooth - preferable in fact to the Octatrack arranger. On the OT, arrangements were always this extra esoteric abstraction (of which there are, arbitrarily, 8 per project), disjointed from the pattern/part structure. The DT with this workflow makes arranging feel in the flow and closer to the music. Plus, best of all, you can use probability trigs for shaping arrangements too, which ends up being really just a zoomed-out version of how the patterns flow.

I just set it up with channel 9 as the arranger track. That way it’s just a one-hand FUNC-9 press to jump in and out of arranger mode.

I can share the shorthand of how to set it up, but only if there’s interest.


Please do


You know what would be an excellent way to execute “song mode” on the Digis? Being able to midi map to patterns like you could on the Machinedrum-then, on the midi track you could just configure conditional trigs to move to x pattern after y number of times- you could even randomize which pattern goes next.

Probably won’t happen, just wanted to say- it could be cool


Ok, so after connecting the MIDI cable:

  • PROJECT/MIDI CONFIG/SYNC: make sure PROG CH RECEIVE and SEND are both checked.
  • PROJECT/MIDI CONFIG/CHANNELS: set track A-H to OFF, and PROG CHG IN CH to 9 and OUT to AUTO. Also make sure no audio track responds to channel 9.
  • Make sure track 9 (aka MIDI A) is unmuted/green and set SRC-CHAN to 9, BANK and PROG to X (by FUNC-clicking the knob).

The rest is sort of preference. On track 9, I put a trig on step 13 of the last bar, p-lock PROG to 1-128 and set SCALE/CH.LEN to 4. That trig does the same job as a bank-pattern call (keeping CH.LEN in mind), so experiment and adjust to fit your needs. Step 13 with CH.LEN 4 is a sweet spot for me because I can opt out of the chaining/arrangement at any time before the last beat by just muting track 9, and it also gives me the flexibility I like when changing patterns manually. YMMV.

That’s pretty much it. All the goodness of conditional trigs work with this - the A:B condition, for instance works for setting times to loop a pattern, etc. Thinking about a BANK as a song works well, and you can get really creative about how you move between patterns conditionally/dynamically.

I don’t think so, but I may have adjusted some MIDI settings ahead of time without thinking about it. If so, let me know. Anyway, enjoy!

P.S You can obviously copy and save these track settings as a project to not have to adjust them every time you start a new one.


Cool process. The thought of feeding MIDI from DT out to DT in makes me throw up in my mouth a bit. But I suppose I should get over it.


People feed the octatrack midi into itself as well. Doesn’t really seem to cause all that much issue.


Actually this is incredible. Better than song mode because you can also do it on the fly. Instead of a preprogrammed set, you can on the fly based on vibe change without any hassle. Very versatile. It does mean though that you then can’t have it tempo sync with other gear. But since I have a USB host interface module on my modular this is less of a problem.