Sonarworks Reference

Any users here?
Especially interested in the Studio edition used in home studios with average acoustics :slight_smile:
Do your mixes really sound better with it?

It’s a lifesaver, it has in the past enabled me to “mix” my tracks in a room that was a nightmare and then some there was no way you could get a decent mix in there without it.

Also used it in good rooms and it did work well there for fixing the lowend, highly recommended!

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I use the headphones version. Works pretty good. But I also toss in a reference track to compare my mix


Having trouble getting the volume balanced between my monitors, DAW, and audio interface. How would I go about setting them at a reasonable studio level?

Honestly I like the functionality of the software but the audio got incredible glitchy since I use it on both my pc and laptop (audio dropouts, especially when opening new browser tabs, crashes of audio drivers etc…).
Additionally it is a pita if you change between different headphones or speakers regularly as you will tend to forget to switch the profiles.


Do you use a headphone amp in your setup by chance?

Reference is great. Both for speakers and for headphones.

@v00d00ppl what up! No, I don’t use an amp. I just come out of my laptop or soundcard

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Happy New Years. I’ll check out the software then. I’ll review it with my audio labs monitor headphone amp

Just remember that you need a profile for headphones too. You can’t make them yourself. Only the speaker profiles are measured by you

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Is this software really able to flatten the response on headphones? I may see an issue in using the software if you already know your headphones really well. Won’t this change the profile of them and it may take some adjusting correct?

I personally only turn the plug in on when I’m mixing, not creating or otherwise. It will flatten your mix but not in a detrimental way. If you’re mix is solid, it’ll come close to matching the reference.


Remember that your headphone needs a profile. Some have standard ones, some need the headphones sent in.

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I’ve used it for the past few years. It does an incredible job on headphones. I use it for listening as well as mixing/production.

Best to spend time listening to music you know for a while to get used to the character of it so it’s not a distraction, but in essence it is changing the sound signature of the headphones to be as close to a ‘flat response’ as possible (given the variance in the human ear shape etc.), so the result should be more reliable than without it even if you don’t spend any time adjusting.

Here’s the list of supported headphones:

But can’t you use Sonarworks for other purposes as well such as casual listening, and not just for mixing?

yes, you can. reference can not only be loaded as vst. it can also function globaly systemwide. lika a driver that is hooked somewhere between the soundcard