Sonar Ping (just send one) Digitone

Dear Elektroautos.
I tried hard to create a sound like in the Movies the sonar in submarines sounds. I only need one ping. I’m a very beginner and I failed. instead I created a lot of other funny sounds but no sonar ping. Could anyone give an advise or a sample file or does any one know where to find that.
I would like to learn creating sounds an not to spend money on sample packs…

THX for your Help an all the best from Switzerland.

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Check for examples. A quick google search showed a few right off the bat.

A mid frequency sine wave with dense reverb/delay should do the trick.

To get the ping try dialing in amp envelope with immediate attack, very short decay, no sustain or release

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Thank you for you’r advise. I tried it that way but I’m not really happy with my results. That’s because I would like to have such one Ping like that:

Slightly impure sine wave.
Some noise in there, and a sharp FM noise attack.
Some very fast random LFO to pitch, but a tiny amount.
A nice decay release tail.

Shouldnt need any reverb.


thank you Microtribe. The LFO pitch helped me a lot and now I have not exactly the ping as from the movie but a real nice one wich I love to work with…

have a good time…


Glad it helped!
I’ll have to try it myself, I was just thinking off the top of my head :slight_smile:

Ah thanks will try one day. Muta 05 from Leo Anibaldi was a top favourite of mine. And then there was das Boot, u 96…

oh no, now I listend to that track and had to start on the sound design again :-))))

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1 2 3 techno!

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