Some words of warning when buying . .


I like what you represent in this matter, but the fact that the seller just came forward right after I shaked my pitchfork after a month of silence just tells me a different story than the one you are telling. Also mods were all over this as there was some wrong doing. Nothing of the personal stuff we found was posted.


If the issue has been solved why does this thread remain open.


It’s currently open as a general buying advice and words of warning thread with moments of police procedural fan fic thrown in.


LTJ Bukem, Danno!


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How do we know you’re not the catfish? Or what if I’m the catfish :thinking: it’s a conspiracy, Chemtrails are turning the frogs gay. Seriously though why would someone argue with the mods on an alt account and draw attention to themselves?

Glad it’s getting resolved OP

Edit: lmao flagged out, didn’t mean to offend the conspiracy theorists. my bad


I could very well be the catfish…

The plot thickens.


OP advises that this should be resolved within a couple of weeks. Closing the topic seems like the best thing for now. Maybe an update can be posted after there’s closure of the matter.



Just a final update to the saga that has taken place regarding the sale that didn’t quite happen.

Jon’s refund of the money arrived today as he had promised it would. Since being open and contacting me a couple of weeks ago, he has been in communication and responded to the messages I have sent him. However, I would like to thank those of you on this forum who have been supportive; essentially Jon’s actions were fraudulent and fell outside of what I would hope to experience in this community. Jon himself wrote something similar regarding his conduct. Sadly, the things that can come our way and the circumstances we experience can be challenging and difficult. However, communication is essential to lessen the impact of these moments. Thankfully Jon has turned this around in relation to my interactions with him, and I sincerely hope things are on the up for him. As for me, I’ll refrain from the “friends and family” option on Paypal in the future.
Many thanks for all the support.

FS (UK/EU) Ventris Dual Reverb, £300 [ resolved/refunded ]

Briefly opened to facilitate this update. Probably best left at that.