Some words of warning when buying . .


Yes. So please stop.


Maybe im assuming fairness until trial. Yes a big assumption by me Bradley.


i was ripped off too some years ago. i know the guy. he promises to pay back the money soon for nearlly 4 years now… but nothing. he isn´t even into drugs but still a lazy lying bastard. he ripped off others too. otherwise a very friendly guy. what i hate most isn´t the money itself but the work i put into this money. and i´m reminded again and again when i have to pay a bill of that amount or like to buy something nice and can´t afford it. ripping off people sucks ! rip off very rich people maybe is ok, but beware, maybe they let kill you :wink:
edit: not referring to this case


This sucks. Sorry to hear this happened Adam. I thought I’d been scammed on here a couple of months back and it felt horrible. It turned out well for me in the end but I kinda know how it feels.

Karma will deal the douche bag a bad hand in some other way.


I have been lucky to have always had perfect transactions (aside from one guy that took ages to ship). As both a seller and buyer mostly on Reverb I hope this gets resolved. These kind of people fck it for everyone.


Hi folks - just to let you know I’m putting this right, here is the PM i sent to the unfortunate buyer this morning. Apologies for sowing mistrust in a good community. Hopefully Adam will confirm soon when this is resolved.

Hi Adam

Really, really sorry. I’m a total f*ckup. I haven’t been home since our transaction, so I haven’t collected the pedal (although it is safe). Far from being in a “comfort zone” I’m currently couch surfing.

I will be returning to my ex-wife’s house on [redacted] to collect my belongings, including all of my music gear. I get paid on [redacted]. I can either ship the reverb to you then, or refund you in full and with interest by way of an apology.

One thousand apologies again - I didn’t mean to stick my head in the sand like this, and it will be sorted as soon as humanly possible.

The “I know his workplace” avenue isn’t a great one - I was jobless until recently - but I assure you I’m just a regular guy who screwed up. You can reach me via my email[redacted] or via mobile on [redacted]. I do not currently have my own address, however for the sake of transparency / should you wish to issue notice of legal action via the mail, you can post to my former home: [address redacted] and my post will be collected on [redacted]. No house calls though, please, as I do not live there and don’t really want to add to the distress of my ex or my children.

Feel free to post this to the thread (with contact details redacted please) if you feel the need to update the forum.

Sorry again


Just want to say that, as you can see, Jon has contacted me directly.

I’m really hoping this is on its way to being resolved without all the legal side of things taking place.

I’m will certainly confirm when things are finally sorted out, and hope this can be put behind us.

Cheers for all the support so far.



I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through

Good luck


full disclosure: a guy on Muffwiggler is also awaiting an item under similar circumstances for the same reason - hoping I can get all this sorted out. I used to be a good seller over on Muff’s - I sold thousands of pounds worth of kit over the years (eurorack, a Juno 6, a Nord Modular…so much stuff…) but recently it’s all gone to shit. I do have some real circumstances which have made things very hard of late but also it is shitty behaviour, I could have done more, and I own it.


Admitting this and actually owning it in public like this takes courage. I hope your circumstances get sorted soon, especially now that I’m relieved to know Adam will not take a loss.

Seeing the efforts of everyone to help out and support is really cool, this place is great <3


Top Forum :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3:


Great outcome, if rather late. Adam can probably put this behind himself easier than you can, we don’t need to rake over the coals, but hopefully the factors which took you to that crazy judgement in that moment can be addressed now, it’s gotta be for your own good to ‘own it’ as you put it and that’ll be a good start for you to focus on attending to all the other important stuff. We can’t pretend that there wasn’t real anger about this, but i’m sure most folk will wish you well with your evidently challenging circumstances which we can perhaps look at in isolation with a healthy dose of empathy and it looks like you’ll learn from this too.

This is good news and thankfully the damage has been minimised all round.

PS : the next handful of posts below are general marketplace anecdotes removed from the soon to be closed sales listing - this topic is broader and the op can edit/reflect on where he wants it to go etc now the primary issue is in resolution


I recently let my guard down and got stung for £760 for a virus ti2 desktop via gumtree. ‘Sellers’ name was Andrew M Lloyd (If anyone else recognises this name or has been scammed by this person please get in touch). Barclays was the receiving bank.

So while your situation sucks it could be worse. The following is some advise based on my experience.

If you sent the money by bank transfer you need to contact your banks fraud department. This has to be done asap after realising you have been the victim of on line fraud.
They will alert the receiving bank who will set up an investigation. They usually freeze the recipients account(s) as a precaution.

It may be too late to recover your funds but it is possible they can be retrieved if they have not been withdrawn from the scammers account. His account(s) may be frozen already as he may have scammed other people who were quicker to react.

There is also action but they are a bit of a joke tbh.

If you have the sellers name and address you can look into legal proceedings against him.

The banks are the best route to recover funds. I am awaiting the results of the investigation which is being carried out by Barclays. This can take up to three weeks.

FS (UK/EU) Ventris Dual Reverb, £300 [ resolved/refunded ]

Just read your other post stating you paid with paypal friends and family. Not so good but I am sure paypal will still take it very seriously as you have email evidence showing that the ‘seller’ requested this form of payment. Paypal are quick to freeze accounts if they suspect fraud so if you haven’t gotten on to them do so immediately as this fool may have scammed a bunch of people.

Paypal will freeze accounts if they see activity they regard as suspicious so they may have funds held.

The other info regarding bank accounts may be of help so I’ll leave my last post.


I’ve decided to stop paying for stuff like this with PayPal friends and family. I now pay to cover the sellers PayPal charges and only pay with a credit card as it gives you an extra layer of protection.


Yea big time. Ive never had a problem buying / selling on Elektronauts but its defo wise to cover yourself as much as possible. No family&friends etc.


Always pay the fee, its not worth it when the money vanishes.


Ditto. I’ve had a close call once on here, the device was sent but was packaged really badly and turned up damaged and the seller refused to refund me even partially. Was pretty unpleasant but worked out okay as shipping insurance paid out. Definitely would not do F&F in future just to have an easy way out of that kind of situation.


There is a lot of scam artists on gum tree. I was nearly done for a ti2 as well.think it was a different soon as I changed my mind and was going to pick it up instead of getting it sent he sent me a message saying it was sold


Just checked I think it was the same bloke as his name was andy