Some Questions


Are the Effect Engines at the Model:Samples independent? 6 per Voice?

How does it handle longer looped Samples? I mean using loops at 4 Bars could cause crackles? It would be nice to cut my tracks down and use it as a looper for live.

Just Decay without Attack is the worst decision ever seen, but how does the Decay work at full size, like a sustain?

Is there a Bandpass Filter?



They are send effects:

If you prep the loops ahead of time to eliminated any looping pops, I think it’d be fine. I don’t think the current implementation of Sample Start/Length is fine enough to do this on the unit itself.

At full, the Decay is infinite. It will play all the way to the end of the sample. If the sample is looped, it will loop infinitely. It is not gated.



All of the grey knobs are per track, and if you hold TRACK and turn one of them, then it is activates CONTROL ALL and it will adjust that parameter for all six tracks at the same time. The Reverb and Delay are master fx, and each channel has a send. So you adjust your Reverb Size/Tone & Delay Time/Feedback, but those are master settings, not per track. Per track you just adjust how much send there is going into the effect.

I haven’t used and super long looping samples, so I can’t comment there.

The max decay setting is infinite, so it seems that if you have a very long sample it will last for the duration, or until it is re-triggered. I have looped single cycle waveforms with the decay on infinite, and if I tap a note, it will sustain forever.

I don’t think there is a bandpass filter. When you turn the knob left of zero it goes into low pass mode, right is high pass mode.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Still that unit has overall interesting workflow for that ambient dub style I prefer.
With lot of Delay+Reverb. So the Effect Architecture has a Send/Return Style.
Not bad.

Looping prepared longer Samples should work I guess, too, not sure if always especially if the Model runs as Slave. But I read something about Zero Crossings in the Decay Stage here. Not sure, but I guess it should work to prepare my well looped Ableton Tracks with the Model.

Thanks Hold my Beer for the Conrol All Tip. Yes, thats Elektron, never seen that before. Great tool for intuitive Breaks. Fine with the inf Decay Setting.

I already own the Digitone and I love it. Couldn’t get my head around Octatrack and Digitakt. Digitakt did crash all the time, sorry Elektron. Octatrack is great, but I prefer Ableton, both hurt my head believe me. :wink:

Mostly using Ableton in the Studio, which is fine. Little patches here and there to make something random.

I do not see the Model:Samples as a Drummachine primary, but as a intuitive sample player I guess. Compressor would be nice.