Some noise what I done

Started committing to the noise, if not just to annoy my dogs.

Most of it is a DFAM (my new favourite noise instrument), with a little support from Soma Lyra 8 and Ether and a bunch of pedals routed in too complicated a manner to explain. All passed through the Analog Heat for added sparkle.
Performed live into a zoom h4n with no post processing.


Wow you’ve really committed :slight_smile:

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Love it

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In for a penny, in for a pound, I say.
Thanks for listening.

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It loves you too.

Thanks for listening.

Moar noise

Mostly Digitakt, with help from Lyra 8 and Soma Ether. Also heavy reliance on Analog Heat and Quadraverb.

Maybe back off on the heat for these noise tracks? I know that sounds counterintuitive, but every element you are using has its own inherent noise factor, but you cant hear them as they are all crunched.
Thats my opinion though…

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Guilty as I am of overdoing it with the Heat, the second track is crushed together kinda deliberately, I was going for a sort of Zen Singularity vibe.
I’m going to mix some of the elements of it differently later and make a more “techno” track with it, we’ll see how that goes.

The aural equivalent of still waiting for a bus even after you’ve realised it isn’t coming.

In the rain. With no coat. And your shoes leak.
Shit, 24 minutes of it! You’ve gone prog. I knew it would happen when you got that erica bass synth.


You got me.

I’m actually Rick Wakeman.

If you listen really hard there’s a 21 minute Moog solo in there.

I heard it! it sticks out like dogs balls.

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I always dreamed that one day someone would refer to my music as the dogs bollocks.

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Remix. For those with slightly shorter attention spans.

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Mainly achieved with DFAM, samples of DFAM on a Digitakt, Lyra 8, Quadraverb and Analog Heat.