[solved'ish] AAARRGHGH! Can no longer access AR or AK via midi after Windows 10 Fall update!

NM… I think I figured out the cause… I don’t think it was the windows update. I think it was the weird USB driver I had to install to update firmware for MicroMonsta and to use it’s USB midi. It seems there’s some kind of conflict or issue… Just going back to use 5 pin midi with MM and re-assigning the new USB ports that showed up for the AK & AR…

Win 10 64 / Reaper

I’ve always been able to see my AK and AR in Reaper’s Midi devices.

Now, after my PC forced the Windows fall update on me, all I’m seeing in MidiDevices in Reaper is:

Elektron Overbridge 1
Elektron Overbridge 1

Both say 1. It used to say elektron Analog Rytm and Keys…

What’s weird is that the OB plugin seems to respond to machine changes, and I can change the machines via the OB plugin, but regular, normal midi seems to have stopped working!

I’ve got several other midi devices, midi ports, that are all via USB & DIN that work just fine, but my Elektron stuff is like cut off!!!

Help?!!! Anyone else seeing issue post Windows update?

I recommend a separate OS install for music making, with automatic updates disabled.

Yea, good idea for some alternate life where everything’s not already set up… And Simon @ Elektron said they have issues with OB after update as well…

My guess a lot of this crap is why they decided to go back to giving OB away… Too many headaches if they actually charge for it…

this just happened to me AR and AK no longer show as midi destinations in ableton after windows update unless turn off overbridge mode… otherwise it says overbridge 1 ???
overbridge is the only way i use them did you find the cause???

my korg synths are gone too