SOLVED (why) no midi clock/sync out when out port set to "out+thru"?


I want to use multiple midi controller’s merged midi signal with the model:samples, as well as route it thru from the model:samples to another device(novation circuit), at the same time having the model:samples being the clock/sync master, the circuit the slave.

But I observe, when setting the model:samples in the midi port configuration for the out port “out+thru”, the circuit does not receive a sync signal anymore. When the port is set to “out” only, it works - the other synth plays in sync. But then the Midi controllers don’t get to the circuit (which is no surprise)

Is there a way around to change that? Is it by intention / a result of how midi thru is supposed to work that this doesn’t work as I wish it would?

(I read the manual but didn’t find an explanation. I am a midi beginner, so I might oversee something, but I found no explanation searching the web and thinking it through)

Thanks for your help in advance :wink:

I don’t know if there’s a software solution to this, but hardware-wise speaking you could get a MIDI-Thru box (for example the MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru v2). That way you could put the Midi-out of the M:S to out-only and the box would do the thru-splitting.

I hope this works and understood your setup correctly :slight_smile:

OK. I checked everything again.

I think I mixed up the text “out/thru” in the menu to be setting of the out port.
Actually, the setting is really either “out” OR “thru” - a “out+thru” does not really exist, so my expectation as it could work is wrong - I need adapters, and as far as I understand I need a merger to give one of the devices more than one midi in, and an extra thru that multiplies the single connection from my controllers into two.

I wonder if it could be a feature request for Elektron to create this “out+thru” setting that I thought exists, so that I really can forward midi controllers to another device as well as clock or anything else that I want to be sent out from my model:samples.