[solved] Quality issue sampling Digitakt into Octatrack (Sound example included)


I could not find anything regarding this apart from tons of posts about the Octatrack’s overall “sound quality” or sound quality comparisons. This is about something else, because when monitored through Thru machine etc. the OT sounds just fine.

This relates specifically to results from sampling Digitakt (stereo out / stereo in A B on the Octa) into the Octatrack. A sound file saves a thousand words, so here is the example: the first 4 bars are Thru machine monitoring (sounds fine), the last 4 bars are the sampled version of the same on the Octatrack.


Clearly the quality drops and/or there are some phase issues.

I’ve eliminated the cables being an issue because the Thru / direct monitoring sounds fine (as can be heard in the first 4 bars of the example file).

Also eliminated the Octatrack being the problem (maybe?), because sampling the Analog Four (inputs C D on the Octa) sound exactly as monitored.

What is going on here?

The second bit is more quiet. Did you check your levels going out of the DT / coming into the OT?

Also are you recording in 16-bit or 24-bit on the OT?

EDIT: Also check if you are adding gain to your Thru machine. And what are your “direct” settings in the mixer?

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Recording in 24-bit yes, but it was the gain being applied to the Thru machine.

Direct monitoring is off so it no issue there.

Kudos to your ears discerning it being simply quieter, I was thrown off by the clicky sounds thinking some other problem was occurring, plus the transient of those clicks was peakier than the first section, looking at the waveform.



Glad I could be of help! Enjoy the DT-to-OT sampling madness!!! :slight_smile:

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