[SOLVED] Playing chromatically stops MIDI being sent?

I set up a new project with MIDI going out over channel 6 to a Sub 37. Got a couple of issues with this:

  • When playing track 6 chromatically, nothing sounds on the Sub 37. However, recording the silent notes makes them play on the second pass, so it looks like MIDI isn’t being sent except from trigs
  • When I play any other track chromatically, all other tracks seem to get muted
  • When I attempt to play CH chromatically, LT triggers in absolute lockstep

Am I doing something badly wrong?

Ok, looks like I needed to set Output CH to “Trk CH” rather than “Auto CH” in MIDI settings (thereby going to Ch6 rather than Ch14 by default), and with respect to everything else, I’d just forgotten to remove the MIDI USB from the Sub 37 and had an open External MIDI channel in a connected Mac running Logic…