[solved] OT crossfader to control Quick Performance knob


so that’s the case. if I could control A4’s quick performance knob from OT, I wouldn’t need to sample its loops to program transitions and sound manipulations. I know that OT’s crossfader sends midi CC (64?) out, but is there a way to map it to A4’s quick performance knob?



you’d need to midi translate it to one of the existing normal performance knobs (i imagine the q-perf knob is just soft-linked to the chosen perf dial)

either way the need for a translator (cc A > cc B) is highly likely


Oop… Avantranica beat me to it but I’ll drop the post anyway… :slightly_smiling_face:

Crossfader sends CC48, you’d need another device like an event processor, bome box, Iconnect, or similar to remmap it. You can however easily setup an OT knob to control it from a midi track and then you can also plock it and throw lfo’s at it. Doesn’t look like there’s a CC for quick perf in the manual but you can just target one of the ten regular perfs and it should work the same.


yes indeed I forgot that Quick performance is just a meta-knob for one of those. you definitely got my point tho


YES that’s a great workaround, even better than I eventually imagined. I can control all of these 10 knobs from OT’s midi tracks, wow!
thank you


Plocks/lfo’s + performance macros = modulation insanity… :slight_smile:


exactly! :slight_smile: the whole another dimension. great tip, thank you


that’s the story, i’m trying to avoid any device beyond i currently own. OCD and stuff. moreover, I’m trying to incorporate just these two boxes for all my music exercises