[SOLVED] Issue with a large professional retailer after return - What to do?

Edit : Issue was quickly solved by calling PayPal.
Just in case someone gets in a similar situation the correct chargeback to file in case of a non-refund after return is
“The object doesn’t match the descritption / is broken” even though it’s a standard return.

Still absolutely no reaction from bax-shop.fr who told me numerous times over 2 months that “the refund is on it’s way, just wait one week”

Tried to reach bax-shop.nl (the main branch) who told me to contact… bax-shop.fr customer service. What a joke

Thanks again everyone !



I have sent back an item to a big retailer for a refund (the item was fine but unfortunately I have to deal with some unexpected financial problems so I could not afford to keep it).

The retailer confirmed that he received it, and that a refund would be sent.

That was 3 months ago.

2 months ago I contacted them because I thought they might have forgotten it or something, not seeing the refund.

Indeed they did “forget” it and told me that it should take at most 7 days.

I have been calling every Friday since and every time they tell me “oh yeah the guy who was supposed to take care of that did not do it / is on vacation / forgot so please wait another week and don’t worry I’ll take care of it” but I never got a name.

Never have I been aggressive or impolite about it, thinking they must be understaffed for the holidays but I’m kind of freaking out now as I am in between jobs and can’t afford to just lose 1000 euros.

I’ve contacted Paypal and opened a case but they promptly closed it with no explanation.

I don’t know what to do anymore or who to contact.

Should I just yell at customer service? I’d rather not but sadly I feel that loud and pissed off customers get taken care off whereas being polite and patient doesn’t lead anywhere…

I’ve contacted them 10 times and every time it is back to square one.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Any suggestions?

I’m in Europe btw


Social media.

Post it all over Twitter / Facebook etc and don’t forget to tag the retailer. Generally I’ve found that’s the quickest way to get a result these days.


I’d contact PayPal to know why they closed the case. Paypal has never failed me and to tell you the truth I’m surprised you didn’t contact them immediately. Good luck.


Yes, I would try again with paypal. Talk to someone on the phone at Paypal, and explain the whole situation, and how long you have been waiting. Paypal can clearly see that you were not refunded anything on your account. Also, was it a cash transaction through paypal, or a credit card through paypal? If it was cash, keep it up with paypal, if it was credit card, contact your credit card company as well. And, as others have suggested, start hitting up their social media. Let the the world know that this company is not doing the right thing. This usually gets a pretty quick fix.


Yes, file a chargeback with Paypal (not the bank Paypal drew from.)

Could you share the name of the company? This is awful


Paypal wont close a case without your permission. They ask you first if its been resolved.

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Thank you kindly for the suggestions everyone

I’ve written for the first time a thorough negative review. Feels bad.
I will wait a couple more days before posting it everywhere I can but I’m not on any social media. Might need to create accounts just for that ugh…

I have also just written to Paypal for more explanations.

@VitaBrevis I would have in any other case but this company is what I consider a ‘major’ one so I wasn’t expecting this and I trusted them when they said they were on it. It’s summer so I thought everything goes kinda slow

@HoldMyBeer Yes it was a cash transaction.

@Anfim Bax Shop

@thermionic I did but it got refuted

@Sabana Well they did, but to be fair there weren’t many options to tick when I completed the form to open a case so I might have selected the wrong one.
I contested a “prepaid payment” as there where no options for a non-issued refund.

I’m afraid they won’t cover it since the purchase was made in May (more than 180 days)

I’ll let you know how it goes

Thanks again !

EDIT : So I’ve sent an email to Paypal to know why the chargeback was refuted with pictures of the emails from the seller stating that the product has been received and the the refund will be issued and got a generic message as a response stating Paypal’s terms and conditions and no explanation at all.
Will call them tomorrow.


Hope it goes well.

The positive vibes are much appreciated !


Yup, stay positive. Don’t be Buggin’ Out!

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Out of curiosity - how long after your purchase did you choose to return the goods? Did you get a RMA-number before shipping?

Yep, by now you should have written proof of the RMA number, and the proof that they received the package from the shipping company. With that info call PayPal by phone (when dealing with that amount of money it’s always best to contact PayPal by phone beforehand). I know you acted in good faith and that is something that will play in your favor.
Besides you can start giving details about the company because chances are someone here can give you an additional and hopefully positive advice. Edit I see is Bax shop, I have dealt with Thomman with no issues and with Musicstore with a minor issue wich was solved with an email to the supervisor. As I said let’s hope that someone here can give you a good advice.

ill be MAD ron too if i was in your :mans_shoe:. Hope you get this thing solved.
Have you recieved a support ticket in your mail after calling? This shop has terms and conditions that should not give problems with refunds. If you can point to the invoice date and can show you returned the product and they confimed recieving it it shouldn’t be a problem.
Advise: put a product review with your experience with thjs article and the shop on their site, ill bet they will contact you this attempt in a few days.

Since you’re in Europe (or is it only the store?)… If you have made the return within 14 days of receiving the parcel AND used a confirmed RMA, the law is on your side. And it will get solved. You’re probably just unlucky with individual employees.

But if not… things might get trickier, I suppose.

@CarlMikaelBjork I chose to return within 3 weeks, yes I had an RMA.
They confirmed (by mail the first time then every time I called) receiving the parcel and that refund is on it’s way.
I live in Europe, store is in Europe as well.

@tubefund Nope no support ticket and no follow up. Every time I called was as if it was the first time I called. Never did they apologise.

@VitaBrevis Yes good idea about contacting a manager but couldn’t find any info on that.
Maybe I should have called the Netherlands department as I am dealing with the French branch.

So I contacted Paypal by phone. They were very helpful. Reopened the case even if it has been 180 days since the purchase explaining that I did indeed file the wrong chargeback. Gave them all the info and the refund should arrive within 10 days.
Pleasantly surprised.

I’m sure I’ve been unlucky with individuals as @CarlMikaelBjork said, and that everything is going to work out fine.

Being told the same thing multiple times was just worrying and driving me nuts and I had to vent it out.

Thanks for hearing me out everybody !


Persistence Is key with matters like this, I’d call everyday and be sure to speak with a manager. I’d log the names, titles, emails and extensions of everyone I spoke with and start holding people accountable. Follow up every call with an email noting that days conversation. Good luck and get aggressive.

I’ve nothing to add other than to reiterate that you keep written records of interactions, with names. Get an agreed course of action with timescales. And good luck, it’s scary being out-of-pocket that amount when employment is precarious etc.


This. Don’t slow down, put some extra effort time-wise into it and I’m sure it’ll be settled shortly.

Best of luck!

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Excellent! There are some nightmares with PayPal and EBay but those are generally with trash individuals.

When it comes to legit merchants and you’ve followed the process you can skip over a lot of hassle by skipping up the chain.