[Solved] Fairly new Digitakt owner - Track level knob not working

Hi all!

I’ve currently got some Elektron gear hooked together (AR2 > DTone > DT) and ive just noticed that the track level (Level/Data) knob is not affecting my audio volume at all…at least not through my DAW. When i plug headphones straight into the Digitakt it works as expected.

I currently have all audio going through USB overbridge into Logic Pro X, all other synths are working perfectly. I can adjust sample volume, but not overall track volume so i can’t fade tracks in or out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS All synths audio is going through USB and each synth is connected via midi with Logic or the AR2 being the slave.


Are you routing individual tracks to your daw? If so, I believe this may be the issue. If you were listening to the master out then adjusting the level/data knob should make a difference as this is on the Mixer page which is pre-master out.

I managed to fix it, for some reason I was listening pre fade when it used to be post, I must have nudged this by accident lol

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