Solid State Logic six compact mixer


Good stuff people! Very helpful. Parallel compression is so often mentioned that I will have to try it out too.

Mine arrives in a few hours wooohooo.


Wow I love this thing. Didn’t know how bad I wanted to be less dependent on the daw until I ran this system last night and really had everything I was looking for. And more!

Many have discussed “glueing the mix” here and I do see with this compressor that it entirely connects all the instruments and makes them feel like they’re way way more together.

Here’s how I have it hooked up though I haven’t turned on daw to test that end.



Mains: DAW in 3/4

Main mon: jbl monitors

Alt mon: nothing yet but headphone amp?

Bus B: nothing yet but DAW IN 7/8?

F/back st Cue 1: talkback out DAW 1?

F/back st Cue 2: mono to FX in

———DB25 SEND———-

Ch1 insert send: DAW 5 in

Ch2 insert send: DAW 6 in

MainL send: analog heat in L

MainR send: analog heat in R


1: vocal mic and Moog

2: guitar mic and line in

3/4: rytm LR

5/6: rev2

EXT1: DAW 1/2 out

EXT2: FX out

Talkback: mic or maybe rytm kick + snare from DAW 7/8?

———DB25 RETURN———-

MainL return: analog heat out L

MainR return: analog heat out R

Ch1 return: DAW 3 out

Ch2 return: DAW 4 out

Ch1 alt in: DAW 5 out

Ch2 alt in: DAW 6 out