Solid State Logic six compact mixer

Good stuff people! Very helpful. Parallel compression is so often mentioned that I will have to try it out too.

Mine arrives in a few hours wooohooo.

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Wow I love this thing. Didn’t know how bad I wanted to be less dependent on the daw until I ran this system last night and really had everything I was looking for. And more!

Many have discussed “glueing the mix” here and I do see with this compressor that it entirely connects all the instruments and makes them feel like they’re way way more together.

Here’s how I have it hooked up though I haven’t turned on daw to test that end.



Mains: DAW in 3/4

Main mon: jbl monitors

Alt mon: nothing yet but headphone amp?

Bus B: nothing yet but DAW IN 7/8?

F/back st Cue 1: talkback out DAW 1?

F/back st Cue 2: mono to FX in

———DB25 SEND———-

Ch1 insert send: DAW 5 in

Ch2 insert send: DAW 6 in

MainL send: analog heat in L

MainR send: analog heat in R


1: vocal mic and Moog

2: guitar mic and line in

3/4: rytm LR

5/6: rev2

EXT1: DAW 1/2 out

EXT2: FX out

Talkback: mic or maybe rytm kick + snare from DAW 7/8?

———DB25 RETURN———-

MainL return: analog heat out L

MainR return: analog heat out R

Ch1 return: DAW 3 out

Ch2 return: DAW 4 out

Ch1 alt in: DAW 5 out

Ch2 alt in: DAW 6 out


Oh wow just hooked up the bus B outs to the RYTM AUDIO IN to individually or as a sub mix send Moog, rev2, guitars or vocals or whatever into the RYTM to sample (Doesn’t seem I can send tracks out of bus B post effects loop though).

Anyways, wonderfully effective workflow! Love the SiX (or any decent mixer I guess:)).


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How would one setup the SSL Six with a Octatrack to feed it Guitar / Soft Synths / Other Elektron hardware to sample or mangle?

New to the more technical aspects of mixers - bus’s etc

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Guitar —-> Pedals——> SSL Six——> OT

Softsynth at 96k ——> SSL six ——> OT

Even without running the EQ the signal flow of what you are sampling has a superanalogue sound and a 4K style compressor at 4:1. With a fixed ratio compressor you can always work around it by your source volume. If your volume you are feeding is too high then the gain reduction will work harder. If you are feeding the signal that is barely hitting the compressor threshold then you can get light compression to your sound.

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Would this work? Sure I’ve simplified things with my VERY basic mixer knowledge.

Guitar > Pedals > AXE FX (Super Analogue Channel 1 Line Input)
DAW sounds / softsynths etc (Super Analogue Channel 2 Line Input)
Analog 4 or Digitone (stereo In channel 1)
Octatrack MK II (Stereo In Channel 2)

Bus B L&R OUT > Octatrack Input (A & B) to route any of above into Octa for mangling / Sampling


@Kultschar Yes that would work but I personally would send softsynths in stereo to ext ins (mixing can happen in daw), and use ch2 for something mono…

Hi Sam

Thanks for the input - was using your own helpful breakdown for ideas :slight_smile:

I notice you are using both inputs for Channel 1 and 2. I presume that’s just for easy setup since it’s the same channel (i.e. no unplugging) and you use one or the other. (e.g. vocals or Moog in your case)

Regarding using the BUS-B for sampling to the Octatrack (in your case rhythm). I guess it’s just simply a case of choose your channel that you wish to feed the sampler and using the Mute Bus B button (unmute it). I guess using the insert point for this would be a waste and best off leaving for a external processor or some other possible use??


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Yup, use the Bus B to feed a sampler input, that way you can send any of the 6 inputs to it. Or use one of the two Cue Sends, though I prefer those for parallel FX.

Insert points are best for either direct record out or for inserting FX inline.


Don’t be bashful, the SiX is way beyond ‘decent’ :slight_smile:


@man909 hahaha you are reading between lines. I’m blown away by the SiX! But my noviceness with mixers made me qualify in case I’m also enamored by being outside the daw with a mixer:).

@Kultschar it’s the blind leading the blind! I’m a hardware mixer new guy.

Yeah man909 had posted out before I bought the SiX that a small cool thing was the switchable trs vs xlr channels 1&2. So I have the Moog line in on 1 and then a condenser mic for acoustics on the xlr. Ch2 has a ts to electric guitar/bass and xlr to vocals.

Here in the pic below is how I route the actual signal from the mixer to the rytm audio in for sampling. The yellow circles show left to right: sampling window on rytm (shows that I’m getting the bus b signal). Then in this instance I’m routing both ch1 (Moog) and ch4 (rev2) to bus b. Then the last circle shows the “bus b” button EDIT UNMUTED (OUT) to send any selected bus b signals. I love it!!! Pic is overkill hehe…



Thanks for the pic Sam! All makes sense!!

Just pulled the trigger this morning on reverb lol! Will solve a lot of problems for me!

Guess now I need to buy some D25 input / output cabling. In fact need to do a cabling shopping list with this mixer now incoming!!!

Sure I will have more Qs soon enough :smile:


Oh baby! You are one lucky fella. It makes everything sound not just better to my ear, but way better! And it’s mostly the bus compressor I’d say. I also think this way about the analog heat, though. But the SiX makes the heat sound better too:).

Congrats! Sam

Ok so I’m trying to create a very simple setup for a live performance, mic on chan 1, 3-4 Rytm, 5-6 Digitone and the Octa on the Cue sends, foldback cues 1lr and 2 lr to abcd on the ins of the octa, outputs of the octa to ext in 1 and 2. Can someone give me a simple walkthrough how to set up the monitor and main sections so I get a simple send/return loop for the octa? I seem to be a bit lost in the ‘SSL-speak’ with all the foldback, cues and whatnot :slight_smile:

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1350 euros on Thomann. This thing is too expensive for what it is imo.
One-knob compressor?! Wow so nice of you, SSL! They should have included a full featured bus compressor and priced it 1750 euros and a 12 channel version for 2450 euros. That’d be something else!


They nailed it with SiX. Price point & features hits the spot. Sounds sublime!

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nice summing mixer package

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Ok for sure, acoustic and vocals thru the SiX and it’s compressors really is a huge huge improvement. Could I have gotten there with the daw, probably? But this is truly plug and play. Love it.

BUT I HAVE A QUESTION SiXers (note that the following is a preference as of course I can do it using the daw): I want to record thru the SiX into my daw WET (heat on db25 main insert plus a fx loop on fback1) both vocals and acoustic (ch 1 and 2), monitoring with headphones thru the SiX as well. But I also want to be able to hear thru headphones my RYTM (input to SiX ch 3/4) while recording but don’t want rytm audio in the main monitor out recorded.

Is there some SiX configuration to headphones to accomplish this? My specific setup is listed above in a previous post and FYI fback2 and talkback are free as are alt mon and some of the db25 outs.



edit: misread the question. But is there a way you can use the AnalogRytm headphones out to monitor?

ps: am I the only one annoyed that the Six headphone out is only 1ohm :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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