Solid State Logic six compact mixer

I took some time off to record last Friday and am very pleased with how the Six handled my condenser mic (MJE Hulk 990). I really like how good I can get everything sounding at the source with a little help from the SSL. I didn’t even use the EQ on the mic, just enough preamp gain to get a good signal, HPF on, and some of the channel compression, and little more was needed at that point.

I knew I would enjoy the monitoring on the Six, but I’ve come to appreciate it very much. I’m sure I could have set things up to get “direct monitoring” or whatever from my interface, but I was monitoring through Ableton and it wasn’t bad at 128 buffer size, but it’s just so much better hearing everything directly without the AD/DA conversion. My sloppy timing when I play bass or guitar is due solely to me rather than the 7ms of latency I could previously blame it on. :wink:

I continue to be impressed by the Six after some weeks of use. My alternative was to upgrade or expand my audio interface, but this was definitely the better choice for me right now. I am very happy to have it as the hub of my setup.


The SiX blows my mind according to sound quality, routing options and form factor.

So I decided to double my configuration :sunglasses: for more inputs / outputs and more compression:


How is the headphone output?

Oh man how I wish for two SiX in one!


What are you running through the mixers? Are you daisychainging them?

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Excellent and very hot. I use it with a pair HD598’s (older version) and have no complaints at all. Having a high quality headphone output was one of the main reasons I bought it.

With 250Ω DT990/DT770/DT1990 it’s good but a tad weak. Summing 3 synths and the AnalogRytm, definitely go monitors or use a headphone amp if you want good definition thru 250Ω.
With 32Ω B&W it’s loud as hell.
SSLSiX output impedance is 1Ω


Deafening. As it should be🤘

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I daisy chained the twin SiX by connecting Monitor Out (SiX1) --> Ext1 (SiX2) - works perfect.

On the input side I’ve connected my synths and drum machines to the two SiX i.e. Digitone Keys, Crumar Seven, Prophet XL, OB-6, Subsequent 25, D-05, MC101 or TR-8S. And of course I use the SiX for mixing and summing stems from the DAW (currently 4 channels).

By using the Bus B and FB outputs of the SiX I can now track and record up to 14 channels (12 tracks + stereo sum) through my apogee into Logic Pro (iMac).

Very inspiring setup.

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What do you mean? It is weak?

Yeah, I didn’t get that either, but I know shit and zero about actual parameters when it comes to these things :slight_smile:

I use a pair of AKG 712 Pro. Should I ever crank the volume up to max, I will never hear my children laugh again or tell me that they love me.

In fact, I even disconnect them and hide the socket when I’m not working, since I can just imagine that if one of my kids start messing about with my stuff when I’m not around, just accidentally going “Let’s listen to Dad’s music”, it just might end badly. That’s how loud it is for me.

Not to mention the goddamn monitor outputs. I run the SiX to a set of Genelecs 80802A now. Good lord, if I crank the monitoring up to max, the neighbourhood goes nuclear. I would assume, I haven’t dared try. I use the Dim switch all the time, going between low / loud and low / loud, to trim my mixes and not just to save my ears.

Definitely not for my headphones of the 80Ω and less variety. When I used my 250Ω phones, I thought it was kind of blah.
But no one buys this based on the headphone spec anyway.


Sure- I am surprised it cannot drive well +250ohm cans- my old metric halo drives up to +600ohm with no issue

Here’s one of my latest, summed, mixed and mastered on the SSL SiX. Not a computer in sight :slight_smile: you decide if that’s a good thing or not.

It’s actually a clip from a live set, where I had the Blackbox three outs routed into the SSL and then tweaked the Box and the SSL live, for transitions and stuff.


Nice jam / set! Very high quality and… open? I just got my SiX and I’m still learning the nuances, but even at first use, I can tell I’m going to enjoy working with it. I think I’m starting to see what you’ve been saying (in the forum and in PM) about how it will expose deficiencies in your mix, muddiness, and other things that just aren’t working. That, in itself, should help me improve my skills. I can also (sorta) see why you gave the analog heat the boot. I’m sticking with it for now, since I want to hear it on the master insert send/return. Anyway, no one wants to hear my inane babbling. :crazy_face:

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Good stuff- what hardware did you use?

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I have Beyer dynamic 770 80ohm and Sennheiser hd650

I need to work at night with headphones.

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My Walkman wmd6c drives 600Ω like a dream. :smile:
Anyway, the SSLSiX will drive your 80Ω 770’s very well.

:thinking: maybe I’ll use my Walkman as a headphone amp too.

I like your inane babbling :slight_smile: I’m a babbler myself. We babbles need to stick together :facepunch:

Yeah, the SSL is very revealing, while there’s a lot of stuff going on in this track, I cut out about half of what I’d call ambience - grinds, noises, clicks, pops, stuff that sounds pretty good in my headphones, but as you put it out in the monitors through the SiX, there’s just too much fighting for space. I got really poor eyesight, have had all my life. Using the SSL feels like putting on a pair of glasses. It’s like “Oooh, so that’s what trees look like.”

Thank you :slight_smile:

All synth parts are Prophet 12 module, sequenced and recorded into the Blackbox. One of the leads, I sliced up from the Prophet samples and recorded into a new sequence directly from the Box. I tend to record 128 bar takes from all my sequences, while live tweaking them to get an ever evolving feel.

Drums are from the Tanzmaus, sampled loops into the Blackbox and the heavier use of fx and ambience are also Prophet samples, resampled into the Blackbox through a Polymoon and a Chase Bliss Mood.

There’s a lot of wiring and rewiring going on when I go through all of this. It’s tedious at time, since my space is so small I have to connect and disconnect stuff, so I’ve sort of made little battle stations of my gear. The Polymoon has all its cables already connected to it, including power adapter, so when I want it, I reach for it from the cabinet and plug it into the Blackbox. Then remove it when I’m done, bring out the Mood instead, and so on. Once track’s ready for summing, I remove the synth and bring out the SiX instead. And so on.