Hey there, I hope it’s fine to post an offer for selling vinyl.

The offered vinyl is in MINT condition and perfect for collectors or peeps who want to get deeper in world of sound. The documentary-like soundtrack is based on research about the (ab)use of sound. Further infos about the content can be found in the boomkat link: https://boomkat.com/products/martial-hauntology

Comes with a little book and printed cards. Coloured vinyl.

I’ll offer the set for 40 € + shipping. (New is like 70€ but I paid a lot for shipping from boomkat, too). Based in berlin, happy to ship worldwide if buyer pays.

Please contact me if you have questions.


Hi, this is very cool. I am interested but depends how much shipping, as boomkat sell for 59.99 gbp (51.33 EU) and offer free shipping.


Euro in gbp is 1.18… you calculated it the wrong way.

Where are you from so I can check the shipping costs.

Thanks for your interest!


My bad. Sorry. Malvern, Worcestershire


Great! Shipping is listed with additional 18 €.

That makes a total of ( 40 € + 18 € ) = 58 €

58 € = 49 £ and I’m happy to offer you 45 £ in total.

The shipping comes with DHL and is an insured package. Please send me a PM for further info about paying (paypal or bank transfer). Thanks!


So, what do you say - is 45 £ a deal?


Hey Nui, sorry i have not been in contact, my mother is currently in hospital. I can’t go for it at the moment as disposable cash is not really available. If you don’t sell by end month I will be.


No problem. All the best to you.

So item is still available, if anyone else is interested please get in contact.


this fantastic piece of sound art / documentary is still available.

I’m happy to offer a reduced price: 45 € / 40 £ incl. shipping :kissing_closed_eyes:



Hey are you still selling this? I’m interested. Cheers


hi there, sorry for the delay. I’m travelling and didn’t check notifications. yes, it’s still available! where are you from, berlin based?


Heya, all good. In London. Still £40 inc shipping? Lemme know how we should proceed. Cheers :blush:


will send a PM with details. thanks


I received your DM and answered, let me know how to do payment (whether paypal or bank transfer). thanks :slight_smile:


vinyl is SOLD